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Tuesday, February 07, 2012


KK donuts anyone?! :)

Right after havin' our simple  lunch at Hainanese Delights me and my gastro partner went loco of not totally berserk into finding the tastiest desserts we could afford inside the mall. At first we are in search for a coffee house, then a cafe where good-smelling pastries and lavish cakes can be found not until we hit the first level and there we find the freshly assembled  sweet smelling donuts. I always find this place to be very cozy and has fast wifi connection. After minutes of strolling and thinking we finally decided to try on their new Krispy Kreme's creations These well-garnished donuts and cute little things will definitely drool you. We bought 1 dozen assorted donuts and a venti coffee to share with.


Tis one for me one of Krispy Kreme's newest offering. Gee perfect for summer!

On the other hand this is his sweet chocolatey choice.

Buying one dozen is a lot cheaper than solo order.  Best thing and big challenge is for us to finish these donuts in just one sitting while chatting. Up for the challenge?! Nay or Yay?! Us well YES but unfortunately we just had 2 servings each. Maybe some other time we could beat our present record. No wonder these donuts will shoot our sugar levels to the optimum level. Question: Did you guys still got an opportune time to get free donuts from this very popular donut establishment as lately I never ever got the chance to see its big logo lighted. Am I that unfortunate or what?

2nd Level, East Lane, Robinsons Galleria
EDSA cor. Ortigas Ave.
Quezon City