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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Does this place ring a bell to you??? I think for those few who are  avid members of Buyanihan, one of the very first  group buying site in the Philippines, then  you could also be the one of those who purchased their undeniably awesome deal at this chic casual restaurant in Makati. I bought four vouchers for myself and my brothers as a Christmas present last December 2010 priced at P135 with P300 as its real value. So that is an awesome discount of P165. Not bad at all!  It is so possible because it will be expiring on the following year by the month of  March so nobody will be in any hurry to use it. I used 2 vouchers for me and my friend during one sunny day that I am officially off from work and that was mid November. We didn't expect the place to be a bit far from where we came as it is situated in the far away place of Brgy. San Antonio in Makati City. We finally hit the place in time for brunch just as they are about to start their business hours. It is a cute place with majority plain white walls and ceilings decorated with  poinsettia flowers reminding us that Christmas season is at hand. The dining area is kinda small which approximately could occupy at least 10 heads. Imagine a small place like this could offer you something incredible. 

When we were seated the supervisor on floor that time gently assist us and handed us down the menu. It is plain and simple one with few texts and photos of their offerings. The discount coupon I had could afford us to order any COMBO meal of any pasta + panini + bottomless gulaman or iced tea. Great savings ! Imagine paying only half of its original price. This was during those days, weeks and months that I became in love with the idea of group buying making my eyes glued to the newest deal in town. Thanks to my BFF who greatly influenced me into this.

I ordered for a bottomless gulaman which ideally is Pinoy's great pamatid uhaw! perfect for that sunny day. However, my companion chose the bottomless iced tea. We had this chance to exchange drinks whenever our tongue gave up with the taste of our chosen drinks. There was really plenty of room for sharing that time. 

As you can see on the left photo, our table has a display of San Pellegrino that is a brand of mineral water with naturally occuring carbonation and additional carbonation added by the bottler itself. We didn't open it of course as we are contented with the beverage we have ordered which is bottomless! :)
I am too busy as well to surf the net given the free wifi connection the place had from its neighboring food shops at the Collective. Thanks for allowing us to connect Ms. Supervisor, the one who generously shared us the password.



For the grilled sandwiches, we ordered these two hot breads made with their special freshly baked ciabatta bread that is crusted to perfection. Love those charred and grilled dents but not with the type of cassava chips they served as its side. Why? Because I find it kinda lacking in taste. I know it is home-made but a little spices will do to make its taste more alive and addicting just like the potato chips and popcorn we binge happily.

The Italian Panini (P100) is stuffed with Italian deli such as salami, pesto sauce, roasted pepper and cheddar cheese. On the other hand, the Pinoy Panini (P90) is stuffed with kesong puti, caramelized onions and of course adobo flakes making it more Pinoy in every bite!


He got the first plate and I got the next plate. When ordering these kind of pasta dishes you have to first choose your type of pasta among the displays at the counter station. After which you may then opt to choose the different varieties of sauces that Pasta Box has for its guests. We opted for the high-priced items which falls under the Primero Sauce. It doesn't matter if it is within the Classico Sauce listing.`
Your job is just to choose what pleases  you :)
As expected we take turns into tasting each other's choices from the drinks to sandwiches up to the pasta dishes. Everything went well. We just have to wait for about 15 minutes for our orders be completed. They did it in a way that everything was cooked and prepared fresh. We can even see their cook and assembler do our orders. Mind you, we were the very first customers that day so we are actually entitled to taste the freshest items right on our table. The only downside we encountered was that the ventilation is not working properly causing us to perspire a little. 

Just after  few weeks after the holiday break, I returned at the very same spot with a girlfriend as I was about to treat her using the very vouchers that I once gifted to my brother. He can't use it anymore as his girlfriend was out of the country. Having the idea not to waste my hard-earned money in buying those vouchers, I invited my friend from work to join me at Pasta Box one weekday. Guess what happened?! WE cannot find the cute restaurant :( Worried of its whereabouts and my voucher's validity I had to muster to ask the admin of The Collective on what should I do. After doing some conversations with the gentleman I met I instantly called Buyanihan to settle the issue right away. Hence, I never tasted their unique recipes again but  I was informed that they'll be setting up another branch somewhere in Marikina. I just dunno how true is it as of press time I haven't heard nor see it yet. Maybe just maybe in the coming months. 

The Collective
 7274 Malugay Brgy. San Antonio
Makati City