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Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Here I go again making the most out of my rest day. Thus, the wanderlust is me is very active. Part being a wanderlust is of course trying out new things and be somewhere you've ever wanted to be.
As my gastro partner and I stroll around the mall in Robinson's Galleria we saw this Hainanese Delights small restaurant. We were piqued by their attention-grabbing interior and great promo. While studying their menu on an easel board, aGuest Relation Officer informed us of their offering - hainan rice all you can. We were swayed by the idea of trying out this one so we instantly find us a seat for two. The restaurant that afternoon do not have so many patrons since they are still in the soft opening stage. We can actually see some of the flowers adoring the main entrance of the place.

To be honest we are in dire search of a coffee shop that time but we ended up here. Their menu says that they sell hot signature coffee but when I'm at the cashier to make our orders I was dismayed that all of their hot drinks are not yet available. Wrong timing. That only means that part of our next destination will be were we could finally sip coffee. Anyhow, we still dined in since we kinda like the aura the resto brings to us. I just liked colorful things and wide backdrops.
Sorry but I can't help it. I so love the murals and all. The place may be small and narrow inside but the gigantic picture of this mysterious bowl deserves to be my backdrop. Peace!

Another one! :) Explaining what is HAINAN RICE is all about.
 One of Singapore's best! This viand has always been associated with Singaporean and Chinese cuisine. The broth and the chicken cut-ups itself is so flavorful maybe due to the fact that the broth use in here was used over and over creating such a delish broth. 
 Cute scoops of this rice should not be underestimated as they are not just too flavorful but extremely heavy as well. We only had two scoops each. Mind you up to now they still offer the HAINAN RICE ALLYOU CAN! It will be nearly a year already. It was May when we went here.

Our simple lunch  table together =)
Would love to have their soothing cold caffeinated beverages but availability is the problem. Thus, we only have a glass of cold house water. For the CHICKEN BARBECUE I was not satisfied with their serving size of this as it looks like not appetizing. It's 'bony' and a little  overcooked :'(. Wasn't able to maximize this chicken viand. However, its hainanese counterpart is a sure winner!
 Seasonings are some staples that we always found in Asian-inspired restaurant. They will always be there sitting primly on top of your table. Hainanese Delights  has these great  partners for any dish. I love their shredded ginger. I ate lots of it actually as a suitable  partner of my Chicken BBQ. Not to mention the the chinese soy sauce and chili sauce that go well with other Asian dishes.

Happy? We are. We'll be going back for more of the store's latest offerings. For the budget friendly Asian cuisine try this place. I know you are budget conscious like us so why not give it a try :)
Hopefully beverages will be available and satisfying when we visit this place again.

Robinsons Galleria
Ground Floor near supermarket