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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Decoration and acrylic standee on our  chosen table

My gastronomic partner and I were having our usual non-stop window shopping at SM Megamall one fine evening when we saw this familiar restaurant as we are about to take our first step on the escalator. Since we are  officially on,  ALMON MARINA became our personal favorite casual dining resto whenever we stroll the vastness of Megamall :) 
The reason why it became our favorite hang-out place is because of the fresh sandwiches and deli that are available anytime of the day. They even have gourmet sandwiches selection  inspired by cities around the world. Everything is fresh and delish. I cannot place how many times we ate here but for sure it is always best. We may happen to shed some extra cash only to have the best snack or meal of the day. It is always worth it! That day we had these simple orders:

 He is fond of eating gourmet type of sandwiches so he gave this one a try. Made with chicken strips and lots of curly lettuce with a dressing that is oh so light and delicious. Also sided with home-made potato chips.  An ala carte order that made his dinner superb.

 I cannot imagine how many times I've tried this one-dish meal. . . but I really find this perfect for my reducing diet. Stuffed with all the good stuffs like fresh veggies and fruit cut-ups that are crispy to the bite and  worked well with the tenderness of grilled porkchop. I wonder how do the cook made a clean cut in between porkchop meat. Interesting! The sauce is kinda salty though. Plating makes the difference. Well done! Simple looking but elegant. 

FOOD is excellent so is the restaurant set-up which emanates rustic appeal and cool /relax ambiance. Fells like home. Resto's music is congruent with the athmosphere. PRICE is just right. Not too cheap nor too expensive. SERVICE is excellent even though you have to pay at the cashier first and your orders will be served later.A feel-good place if you want gourmet sandwiches and deli!

Ground Level, Bldg. A, SM Megamall
EDSA corner Julia Vargas Ave.
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

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