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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Crown Prince Seafood Restaurant in Binondo

Crown Prince Seafood Restaurant in BinondoBinondo is such a known place here in Metro Manila for it has landmarks that very well define the old city of Manila. It was primarily populated with Chinese which were the reason behind Chinatown's success and numerous restaurants that withstand so many events in Philippine history. Binondo is proudly claimed to be the where the oldest Chinatown is. Not far from here is this seafood restaurant in Escolta Street which me and two of my friends paid a visit last year. I actually persuaded them one afternoon to join me as we make our way to one of the oldest streets in Manila. What made me invite them is because I have on hand some printed vouchers from http://www.salamat.ph/ that time which I would like to use instantly. I want to be with them honest-to-goodness. But before heading to the said restaurant we first landed on a camera shop just around the corner to canvass DSLR essentials for my guy friend. We made our way from Quiapo church to Escolta by means of a tedious footwork.
Crown Prince Seafood Restaurant in Binondo
These cutleries and other dining essentials welcomed us :)
Crown Prince Seafood Restaurant in Binondo
 This serves as our appetizer. We were initially served with a small platter of this and a pot of hot tea. Not far from us is the owner of the place who gladly strike up a little conversation with us. I admitted easily that we would like to use the vouchers I acquired online. He took it, studied a little and endorsed us to one of the waiters on duty who assisted us our entire stay.
Crown Prince Seafood Restaurant in Binondo
This dish is one of my personal favorites in every Chinese resto.  I opted to order such to compare it from other food establishment's offering. 'Tis one is fantastic. Huge serving, fresh and a winner!

As stated in the voucher we could have a Rice Topping of our choice which includes Fish Fillet Tofu, Chop Suey, Roast Duck, Pork Asado, Beef with Brocoli, Spareribs, Sweet and Sour Pork and Fried Chicken. Moreover, we shall be enjoying and having a free dessert choosing any one of the following: Hot Red Monggo, Mango Sago, Almond Lychee, Coffee and Coconut Jelly. What a great and special deal isn't it? All of these for only Php 130 with an original price of Php 250.  Tin and Chris, however, settled for a Roast Duck instead. (Sorry I unconsciously deleted the pic of this ). Our rice meals were partnered with herbed soup which has authentic leafy taste. The chef must be that good! You can even ask for more should you want another round for free :)

My friends insisted in ordering some dimsums to serve as our side items. I certainly believe I have had enough for my stomach to handle but they are too powerful to go on with something they want. So I was left with no choice as these two orders arrived in no time. . .
Crown Prince Seafood Restaurant in Binondo
Crown Prince Seafood Restaurant in Binondo
Crown Prince Seafood Restaurant in Binondo
 We had the same dessert to cap our very fulfilling meal. In between meals, we either have  iced tea or  hot tea to hydrate us. We kinda compare our gastronomic experience to eating like a KING and QUEEN as we are so full that it's too hard for us to leave our seats.
Chris and I
On our background is where you can find large aquariums housing assorted fishes which you can asked to be cooked using the restaurant's preferred way of cooking. Also, on my left is where some imported wines and bar station is situated. It is a typical Chinese family restaurant where big gatherings can be booked. This place has actually about 10 rooms for private functions. Very roomy!
Crown Prince Seafood Restaurant in Binondo
CHOW time!
 No need to hurt our pockets! Perfect day together in a fabulous Chinese resto in Manila where everything is authentic.

286 Escolta Street
Binondo, Manila