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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


BO'S COFFEE facade
What a lovely day for me! First thing in the morning I got my prize for being one of the monthly winners of Unlimited R.I.C.E Promo of OpenRice Philippines, next my gastronomic partner and I went shopping and food kiosk hopping at St. Francis Square then proceeded to SM Megamall to try out some restaurants there offering great dish deals. Such a full day made with success, love and a lot of food!!!!! 

I received a phone call from my close friend named Karen which made my day extraordinary.  As per her request she wanted to have a date with me later that day and since I cannot  afford to turn down her invite no matter how busy I am, I instantly agreed. That is  because we dearly know how we missed each other. 

She was waiting for me at the Greenhills chapel wherein it is much easier for her as she was just working at the Cardinal Santos Hospital. The reunion of two pals started to unfold at Bo's Coffee!

We strolled and studied other restaurant's menu yet we ended up at this coffee shop situated across the Greenhills Shopping Center Chapel at the what seems like the outdoor dining area and a lover's lane as well. We need a dose of coffee and sweets that is why our feet destined us to be dining here. We chose the spot where we can comfortably seat as we kill our time together.

This is how the dining area inside the coffee shop looks like. Well lit but not that well ventilated as they are just using a stand fan to cool their customers. They have plenty of seats outside for al fresco diners who love sipping their coffee while constantly puffing a smoke from their cigarette.
The area is adorned with paintings and murals that will surely take your breath away with the theme none other than COFFEE and its beginnings. We started there at like 5PM and finished by around 9PM. I should say that Karen and I were the last customers who just can't get enough of our sharings.

The Counter Area 

It has this rustic appeal crowded with businessman and Muslims alike who made up the bulk of workforce of Greenhills Shopping Center. 
We just let the crowd subside before we finally took the corner nook of the shop wherein we would like to make our private catching ups.

Here's the counter area lined with Torani syrups used in most of Bo's coffee drinks. Other coffee shops I noticed use Monin brand. I just cannot tell the difference.

Wall divider
This is so awesome to look at. Imagine a wall made not just of colorful murals or creative paintings and displays but also filled with real coffee bean varieties enclosed in a glass. Just so cool!

There are lot to choose from from espresso beverages, to froccino primo and other blended coffee drinks.

Cake and Pastry display

The beauty of this coffee shop is that they have this game that we usually play during our childhood -Monopoly. I was reading the mechanics of the game when our orders are announced. It is a card game showdown that anyone can join. Deal games are scheduled accordingly. I do not plan to join but I was impressed at how they market this game at their own stores. However, I do not see this at other stores but only here at their outlet in Greenhills.

Want something organic teabags?
Example of keepsakes-goodies you might want to take home are these Certified Organic Tea labelled as Numi Among these are: Red Mellow Bush, Italian Bergamot Black Tea, Minkey King Jasmine Green Tea, Sweet Meadows Chamomile Lemon Myrtle, Simlpy Mint and a few more choices. For caffeine addicts this must be a good choice. Not just coffee bit tea as well.

At the far end of the shop is this shelves of keepsakes only from Bo's Coffee. You can have their mugs, tumblers, coffee sachets and tea sachets that you would like to take home after your Bo's coffee experience. Also, magazines which mostly are back issues are available anytime. You just have to be responsible enough to return it according to its place. I noticed that local newspapers are not available which is such an essential thing for this kind of business.
Espresso Crumble from their Froccino Primo Blended Beverages and a piece of big Oatmeal Cookie. These are my choice as an afternoon snack. This will surely melt your heart away. You will just love the strong bitter flavor or espresso coupled with the healthy and sweet goodness of oatmeal cookies. Fantastic!

Karen's choice on the other hand was this White Chocolate Mocha belonging to the Froccino Primo Blended Beverages too plus a big piece of Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Hers was only for the sweet tooth as everything she ordered are sweet goodies which I cannot easily take that moment due to consecutive food tasting. The cookie is a crowd pleaser as it is not the type that is crunchy nor crusty..it is fudgy soft. Something ideal for a big piece of cookie.

Great pals forever!

V-Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center
Ortigas Ave., Greenhills
San Juan City

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