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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Kim N' Chi

My friend's cute studio type pad in GA Towers is just some footworks  away from our concluded dinner place. It was actually situated across the building where she lives.  Robinson's Pioneer Mall is what I'm talking about. At the Cinema level of the said mall we went curious on a Korean-inspired cuisine at the center aisle.  KIM n' CHI  is the name. In order to find answer to our curiosity  we instantly queue and ordered from their menu getting the best seller item possible.
It was my first time to eat Omurice some 2 years ago and that happened here at KIM n' CHI 
Consisted with an omelette with fried rice inside and topped with ketchup and mayonnaise.
My order came from the best-selling items so I was expecting it to be really tasty and filling. My expectation was enough. Try this dish if you can. I actually had a hard time finishing the whole plate because to me it is like good for sharing already. We had house soup to warm our stomach :)

my unfinished business
 I think guys can afford to consume this plate clean and clear. I won't contest on that! :)

Our best Korean dinner that night 

A complete set of meal for my friend Tin. Consisted of bean sprouts, chicken teriyaki  viand and some dumplings and sides which I cannot remember exactly how they are called. One thing for sure..she wasn't able to finish this too. We were too starving that moment but we just cannot finish everything. Clueless.

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I especially would like to recommend this one dish meal. Superbly delicious! A canned softdrinks for each of us partnered well with our Korean meal.
Calling all those Korean food enthusiast, this place is a must-try. Really! They have hefty servings and mouth-watering food. Plus they are using nicely decorated melawares and washables that I find eye-catching. Another unexpected interesting find. 

2/Lvl. The Food Loft, Forum Robinsons
30 EDSA cor. Pioneer St.
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila