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Thursday, February 16, 2012

David's Tea House: A Wee Hour CHOW

I am already getting used with my night shift, my body clock has adjusted too. Before, I used to complain about the lack of social life whenever I was plotted on a night shift! I never really liked the idea of working after lunch until midnight but then I survived. For more that 6 months now, I can tell very well the difference of snacking during wee hour to snacking in the afternoon of early in the morning. During one of my late night shifts, my gastro partner surprisingly fetched me from work. We had no plans whatsover on where to go as it was too late or too early. . .It was then that I realized that being on a shifting schedule allows you to make use of your time in the morning a fulfilling one. However, after work it allows you to eat just before retiring to bed. Such a habit that was just formed  lately. We as a romantically linked couple eat a lot! As in A LOT :) Well of course depending on the mood and on the situation but eating is a social habit therefore some of us could be eating more that what was required of us.
Table set up. Simple yet elegant.
We commuted past one in the morning and instructed the cab driver to drive us in Timog or Tomas Morato, places and streets where I live and I work. We have not yet identified where we are gonna eat that time and I was hoping that our decisions were not being made out of our clouded minds due to lack of sleep. We are most of the time like this, not knowing where to go or to chow! ^_^ Until we reached Timog Rotonda where both of us noticed the bright signage of David's Tea House.
David's Tea House menu
I didn't expect the menu to be literally filled with Chinese characters which I cannot fully understand. During that time we are in dire need of my best friend, who speaks fluently and writes well in Chinese. Well what do you expect?! Of course we get looney with those Chinese words describing food selections in their natural way. Worry not as English version of some of the dishes were legibly written. If you will just closely study their menu you can say that this resto put up a tastefully handled interior with superb dishes at an affordable price. We'd expected here to be a little pricey but surprisingly our expectation was somewhat negative.
The tea house is rather big given the availability of more seats upstairs (not used during that time). On the same level is where the comfort room is. On the other hand washroom facilities is at the first level. They were in a day part wherein it was sort of a peak hour because even their al fresco area is well-occupied by smoking customers while enjoying shabu-shabu. noticed that there is a designated waiter per area of the restaurant which aids in the smooth flow of operation that never delay orders even if a lot of guests bombarded the place.

For our wee hour snack we had the following:
Guess how I feel after consuming such a big bowl of extremely hot porrridge?! I bet you also had the same feeling that is comparable to a very full stomach after eating from a festive buffet. My order that moment was this bowl which  I never thought to be so stomach paunching. The bowl was full of tender asado meat slices, veggies and spices. A great way to spend my wee hour moment that I want  to repeat oover and over again. I find the dish truly affordable. Quality and quantity are fitting words to describe this dish although my tongue was a little burned due to my demand on eating such a savory porridge, it was still a congee to remember!
His type of dish that very hour. At first look it is saucy and savory. I thought he'll be ordering another type of congee to make it at par with me but to my surprise it was this dish which he has chosen. I took a bite of this dish and I found it incredibly tasty. He enjoyed biting the fillet effortlessly and the beancurd as he mumbled how yummy it is. Seems like he wanted to order another scoop of rice but declined to do so. I promised myself and even being true to him that next time we will try the shabu-shabu promo for two. He positively took my suggestion and finished our meals on a good note.
The usual set-up on a Chinese fine dining restaurant is a fine sturdy table containing condiments and a tea pot with jiggers - all made of plain white porcelain. Great job David's Tea House for a very neat yet not so minimalist table set up.
What we ordered at first was this Cold Soya Milk (picture above). I particularly order for this drink first when I'm in a Chinese-inspired restaurants because it energizes me. Besides the tea, after eating I want soya milk too! At only Php50 for a good 500-ml this will surely refresh you.  This type of milk may not be your thing but to tell you more it is packed with more vitamins and minerals than our average dairy milk.

Who foot the bill?! That time it was his turn. In less than  Php400 we both had a pleasurable dining experience. Everything run perfectly and smoothly. We were truly happy to see that a lot of diners were in and out of the resto even if it was too late already. Mind you that the restaurant is open 7 days a week until 3AM. Imagine that they close too late to accommodate their loyal patrons which now includes us. We will surely repeat our chow time here.

21 Timog Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila