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Saturday, February 04, 2012

How I want my Valentine's Day to be SPECIAL . . .

We are already on the 4th day of February. And oh yes time is fast approaching. We shall be celebrating the loveliest and sweetest day of the year in no time :) VALENTINE'S DAY! Love is in the air. Chocolates and flowers are everywhere. A lot of gift shops and specialty stores are working very hard to meet the demands of its customers. Restaurants will be full when the 14th day of love month strikes. Time and again we are being reminded that this day , no matter what day of the week it may fall, is truly a special day for all of us. Even magical to some. This well-known celebration is never limited to lovers (girl and boy) alone. For this day we must spread the love and the joy of giving just like how we treat Christmas day :) 

Sharing you here a very timely Valentine's Day quote:

Loving is not just looking at each other, it's looking in the same direction. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Wind, Sand, and Stars, 1939

This is how special I want my valentine's day to be. Matter-of-factly, I do not need . . . 

A  bunch of  the freshest one dozen flowers 


 the most expensive chocolates in the world 

OR maybe even 

 the most huggable and biggest stuffed toy on earth

For all I need is LOVE.  LOVE? Yes! Simply because love begets love. It may sound so cliche or trite to most of us but I surmise it is the best and the most powerful thing one can ever give/receive to/from anyone. With love comes pain but it is on how each of  us carry the situation yet still heading in the same direction.  

To light up my romance this well-accepted Valentine's day, I opted to join this contest I surprisingly found out just before I retire to bed. It will be an EXTRA special Valentine's day for me if I will be one of the 5 lucky winners to win such a sweet treat from Mrs. Joy Calipes Felizardo herself. Here are what you and I could win:

1.  A dinner at L'entrecote, Forbes Town. AGC that is worth two Menu Geneva, consisting each of House  Salad, the signature L'entrecote Steak with the secret Herb Butter Sauce, unlimited Fries, and the sumptuous dessert Raspberry-Walnut Vacherin and a glass of wine. I made a review about this amazing restaurant and I'm sure you and your dearest will have a "steak tastic" dinner date here. Related Post: A Remarkable Steak Experience and More at L'entrecote

2. Discount vouchers from Manila Hotel and a box of pralines worth P480.

3. Three jars of Italian Mild Honey. One thing to say I Love You in a honey way.

4. Two winners will get two boxes of Chocolate Bark each (each box is worth P200)

 So what are you guys waiting for? Join NOW for you might win. Here's the link for complete details: http://www.gastronomybyjoy.com/2012/02/sweet-contest-for-love-month.html

P.S. Romance is no ROMANCE when there is no LOVE to light it up!