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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Just a few minutes ago when I open my email account, I have seen this this very timely invite from Nestle Philippines! I just feel I am lucky to be blessed with perks like this. No matter how simple things may be, I always treat it as a blessing and each and every day I am proud to have one. Actually I am on my way to work but I just cannot help not to share this with everybody. 

I have this invitation to a Zumba Fitness Party. Wow! I will try my very best to attend this even if it falls on month-end and I have to do more workload on this very day. NESTLE FITNESSSE will be the one to spearhead this event so it is sure to be an awesome shape up night that girls out there must not miss! 

Here's what Nestle says in the exclusive email sent to me:

"Here is a new reason to look forward to summer 2012. NESTLÉ FITNESSE will be encouraging women to shape up their lifestyle through a highly enjoyable fusion of nutrition and exercise. Watch out for the NESTLÉ FITNESSE SHAPE UP NIGHT: Featuring Zumba Fitness Party which will be held at the NBC tent in Fort Bonifacio on March 31, 2012. Guests will be able to experience of the biggest Zumba assembly to date in a unique party feel and at the same time understand how the whole-grain goodness of NESTLÉ FITNESSÉ plays part in helping them get in shape and keep in shape."

If you are not yet a Nestle Club Member then I should say this is about time to be one of us. Just click this link Nestleclub@ph.Nestle.com  and enjoy the goodness! Remember with Nestle you can be asssured of GOOD FOOD GOOD LIFE! ^_^