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Monday, June 18, 2012

i-LASH Extensions Salon: My First Session

i-LASH Extensions Salon
 I was at Greenhills Shopping Center with my dear cousin last May 26 and we make it a point to pay this salon a visit. We were invited by our friendly neighbor to check out this place and try one of their services. I took the opportunity to add more beauty to my very short eyelashes while Belle was waiting. She was not game to the idea yet perhaps because when was gifted with beautiful and naturally long eyelashes.  Actually, it was my second time to experience my lashes to be extended. My very first experience was during the last quarter of 2011 so I know how it feels and what to expect during the process, but I want you to know that this place is far different from other salons or spas that offer the same kind of services. Why? Mainly because i-Lash Extensions Salon is the first salon to exclusively offer eyelash extension services.  Hence, no other services but only concentrated to prettify your lashes by extending them and as a result will put inner beauty to its guests. How's that appeal to you?  
i-LASH Extensions Salon

i-LASH Extensions Salon
The salon was generally clean and had enough manpower to cater its guests. It was equipped with around 6 beds coupled with foot stool/ foot rest. It was so comfortable as if you were there to simply sleep and kill time.  Staffs were very accommodating and you will be provided with consultation services on which type of service will look good on you. Just in case the place is fully booked, guests will be acknowledged but have to wait but they highly suggest to do some window shopping while waiting for vacancy. The approach was always friendly each time someone needs their services. 
i-LASH Extensions Salon
That day was the only time I came to know the different types of eye lash extensions. From what I have experienced a couple of months ago, I thought there was just one kind of eye lash extension. I was so wrong. Good job for i-Lash to provide this list posted on their glass door. At least more and more people are informed of which they think is better for their looks.  Without any hesitation I asked the one who attended me that afternoon on which will better suit my overall look. She undoubtedly announced that Natural eye lash extension will fit me. I believed so here's how the procedure went. 

i-LASH Extensions Salon
I was asked to assume as if I am just sleeping. Honestly, I feel asleep that time. The whole process consumed about 2.5 hours as the attendant meticulously applied the extensions individually. Mind you, mine needs to have approximately 160 pieces of extensions. I badly need those haha! That was so tedious and monotonous job. But I believe they are experts in their own right that is why it was so easy for me to doze off and felt relaxed all the time believing it will be a success. 

i-LASH Extensions Salon
i-LASH Extensions Salon
See the difference? Although it took more than two hours to accomplish such a great effect on my eyelashes, it felt very rewarding to see this. Good thing that I had this idea to document it in order to see if the effect is simple or spectacular. I just used my iPad 2 to have all these photos taken. At least I did not hava a hard time to see the difference. I also had constant advise and reaction from Belle. We both loved the result! Guaranteed to make you happy! Lashes were all in order and  done properly. Experienced very slight discomfort on my right eye during the removal of the white tape under my eyes. 

Want to see my nice lashes further? Zoom.

i-LASH Extensions Salon
i-LASH Extensions Salon

After the procedure, I was given some verbal guides to remember to extend the life of my extensions. Additionally, a note where an After-care Instructions were written was handed to me as well. It only goes to show their care for customers not just with the lashes. With this kind of service for sure people will keep on coming back to them. In my first attempt to try this kind service at a different station, they never gave me a guideline that was as specific as the ones written on a tiny sheet of paper. I-Lash Extensions Salon is different and has really great customer service.

" The life of your extensions depends on aftercare, natural shedding of the real lashes, weather and lifestyle." 
Sharing you here are helpful instructions written on a piece of paper given to me by the staffs of i-Lash Extensions. You might want to use these too should your attendant in your chosen salon (exclusively offering eyelash extensions or not) forgot to give you some advice. 

- Do not wet lashes for the first 12 hours after the extensions. The seldom it gets wet, the longer it stays. For facial wash, rinse off with a wet face towel to avoid getting your lashes soaked with water. 

- When lashes get wet, make sure to dry it right away. Dab it with tissue, and fix the lashes like a fan. This will prevent the lashes from swaying. 

- Do nut rub.

-Do not pull.

- Do not use eyelash curler and mascara.

- Avoid steam during facial treatments.

- It is better to use oil-free based make-up. 

- In cases when the eye gets exposed to the glue's fumes, parts of the eye will become red and sore. Please inform your I-lash EXS so we can give you an eyedrop and monitor your condition. Apply cold compress for 15 minutes and eyedrops such as Visine for 4-6 times a day. The redness will stay for 3-4 days. 

- Eyelash extensions should feel comfortable. In case of itchiness, piercing and any other irritations, please visit the salon so we can check the condition of the lashes. 

- Retouch is recommended every 3-4 weeks in order to maintain the lashes at its best. 

For Frequently Asked Questions, may I refer to you this page

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