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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

TXT Fire Philippines & Eng BeeTin 100: RUN FOR A CAUSE

Photo courtesy of Carl Valenzona
May 27, Sunday at Mall of Asia Grounds,  Carl and I excitedly made a dash for a 5 kilometer long race which started at exactly 5:55AM. I somehow challenged my co-blogger turned running mate to make our group proud by being one of the runners who can make it to the finish line. It was evident of him that he has this 'can do attitude' and with the given physique, I bet it will never be impossible should he really surpass all the challenges along the way. I allowed him to sprint at his own pace and expectedly I am not as advanced as him. I just enjoyed the cool air, the healthy lifestyle I am currently involved with, and the happy faces around me running with all their might. How I wished I have the stamina and agility as theirs to be able to bring home the bacon too. 

Photo courtesy of TXTFIRE Philippines
The event was presided by Mr. Ube himself, a very humble man behind Eng BeeTin. Together with him was Mayor Alfredo Lim of Metro Manila who gave his brief speech to show support for the Run For A Cause by Text Fire Philippines and EngBeeTin.

Photo courtesy of TXTFIRE Philippines
This was followed by some pleasantries from the people who made the event a successful one and more so, the traditional Dragon Dance was remarkably performed before the official start of the race. It stimulated and motivated newbies and professional runners to finish the race because of its festive take that significantly added color to the first-ever Takbo Laban sa Sunog!

Photo courtesy of TXTFIRE Philippines
Photo courtesy of TXTFIRE Philippines
The event was successful as it was obviously thick with running crowd. Kudos! Mr. Ube and the rest of your team. We will forever support you and shall see you on your next events. 

Everybody was given a purple loot bag containing these stuffs. All got active and happy at the same time!
Thanks TXTFIRE and EngBeeTin for the invite :)

On the same day I was surprised to be able to know the result of my race which I was struggling to find out but did not know how. All I know was that I finished it within the acceptable time frame. Here's an SMS I received from the organizers of the event - so fast, reliable, organized and remarkable indeed. 

My name. Thank You for your support! Your Race is: 5K run 
Start: 05: 56:37 AM
End: 06:49:53 AM
Race Time: 0:54:38
Chip Time: 0:53:16
Hope to see you again soon! Please watch the DVD inside your lootbag! Stay Safe! "

The 1st TxtFire Run: Takbo Laban Sa Sunog was supported by SM Mall of Asia, San Francisco Motors, Vikings Jumbo Plastic, Freego Jeans, Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center, Universal Caltex, Roosevelt Aluminum, Puma, Runners Circle, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Pilipino Ngayon and Philippine Star.

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