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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Energizer & Nuffnang: The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Screening Contest!

Energizer and Nuffnang power my life through the availability and accessibility of things I needed most; and more oftentimes than not, these two serve as bridges in achieving things I want that undeniably complete my day. Thus, it keeps me going every minute because both promise a long-lasting relationship with me for the services they provide.  In case of Energizer, being the 'Makers of the World’s Longest Lasting Batteries", my recharge chargers along with rechargeable batteries are always with me securely tucked inside my bag in order for my digital camera to be perfectly working all day long without any worries of getting drained. There were so many scenarios in my life that Energizer has been there for me. Aside from being economical, it is also ideal to any type of devices from my digital camera to capture great memories; flashlight to illuminate my environment during black outs; to remote control that allows me to jump from one channel to another; to even my car toy and its remote control that I share with my sweetheart to navigate properly. On the other hand, Nuffnang, is responsible in updating me regular awesome happenings that are not just pure advertisement but exciting contests and blog invitations as well. I feel the sense of belongingness in the nuffnang community eversince I started blogging.

To both of these powerful creations, they deserve to have certified triple stars from me for being so fun yet functional anytime of the day!

*This is an entry to the "The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Screening& Nuffnang" contest.