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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

KROKETTEN Now Open In SM MALL OF ASIA South Terminal Booth

Kroketten officially opened its newest branch at the biggest and grandest tourist spot in Manila where fabulous shopping and dining experience take place, where else but at SM Mall of Asia. Situated at the south terminal part of the mall, last June 23, Saturday at exactly 4PM friends from blogosphere together with a very handful few people behind this successful food kiosk gathered together to celebrate the humble opening of its latest outlet. It started with a food tasting of all their offerings to the public beginning with these MINIBALLEN.

Miniballen are fun mini potato balls served in 9 bite-sized pieces, best for sharing among friends and families. The kiosk was mobbed with foodies, local and transient customers alike willing to taste the Netherland's healthy hearty favorite with a Pinoy twist. Since it is something new to the tastebuds of Filipinos, free tasting will help them appreciate Kroketten's products and get to know them better. It has been sprouting in different parts of Metro Manila and paving its way to be the this generation's favorite fired potato snack.

Here are the available products displayed and subjected to taste test that afternoon. 

So what are these krokets all about? Croquettes or krokets are breadcrumbed and deep fried round, cylinder or oblong potato snack made with mashed potatoes usually mixed with cheese, bacon, ground meat, herbs and spices. It is of Dutch origin which means "to crunch" in French. 

To me all items were delicious and affordable too. Quite heavy for a snack most especially when partnered with Kroketten's signature beverage. Check the menu and see its respective prices and available dips. Combo meal makes the entire snacking experience budget friendly and truly worth it. 

Garlic dip is my favorite among the three. However,  Rouilie was too spicy for me.

 Kroketten does not have mascot, instead they have Dutch girl in every outlet. With all smiles they'll greet you and offer you to try their best sellers. I am happy to know that there's a nearest branch where I live - Robinsons Galleria and soon to open at  SM Megamall. I swear I'll be visiting these branches with my close friends and relatives and allow them to  judge Kroketten's products.

More and more krokets were given and I sampled upon just enough for me to handle. Cheese kroket was my instant favorite because it was served really warm (actually everything were served warm) and undoubtedly melts in my mouth. Oh I can't get over with the taste even up to now. It is like I am missing it already.

 PhP 35 per piece

KROKETS. I liked the chicken better than its beef counterpart. It is oblong in shape and big enough to satisfy an adult with normal appetite. I suggest you eat it with  napkin rather than just a toothpick pored at the middle of the kroket. A wooden toothpick cannot handle the weight of the kroket I am telling you. In order to enjoy the simplicity of eating this potato snack, either manage to eat it with bare hands or with clean tissue :) I would like to taste other dips that I believe were not offered that time such as: Pesto Mayo, Tartar, Orange Mayo, Hoisin Mayo, Wasabi Mayo and Spiced Tomato. I'll definitely check all of them out at other branches.

Php 35 per order.
I must say, they do not just look interesting but super yummy as well. If you are fried-potato lover who likes mashed potato too then this snack might be just right for you. Explore it with assorted dip flavors and boom share your experience! Slightly crunchy on the outside and super soft and mushy inside.

Vers En Snel means fresh and fast, is the brand of fruit juice made exclusively for Kroketten. I gulped two cups of this drink. Two flavors are mango & guyabano and strawbery & passion fruit which both you can instantly appreciate because of its refreshing goodness and positive health benefits. Mind you, it does not taste like powdered juice drink that others are peddling. Taste really good, priced right and better alternative for sodas. PhP 35 for 12oz fresh fruit juice and PhP45 for 16oz.

KROKETTEN is Fun & Healthy Potato Dutch Snacks with a Pinoy Twist. If you choose to be healthy then choose Kroketten!

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