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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

CAFE PUBLICO: Gelato. Snacks. People

Check this out. One of the latest dining hub at Promenade Mall in Greenhills situated on the second floor of the building is this white and light green-filled facade which exudes with  light feeling and  sense of belongingness that magnets every passersby and mall-goers. If you are an ice cream addict or a gelato fanatic at that or one who is simply on a constant lookout for the next best place to kill time, then take my word for it.. . Chill and play at Cafe Publico!
Sweep panorama of the newest gelateria in town
This cafe is a brainchild of a man who is well-traveled and has an undeniably good taste of a unique gelataria which he can call his own masterpiece. In that case, something that is absolutely perfect for anyone who loves snacks, gelatos, affogatos, pastries, liquors and last but not the least, people. Here are just some of the rustic things that inspired me to walk through and through and study every bit of knickknacks that made the place more interesting. May I just invite you to step through with me on this place adorned with pretty things and littered with so much activity to be engrossed with? 
A chess table! Reminds me of a cafe somewhere in Marikina City only that in here it is huge enough to get serious with the play. Ready for this board game while havin' some snacks and gelatos too?! 

How about any other board or word games such as Pictionary, Scrabble, Mastremind and the likes? Who would not want to be back on their teen playing years and just be as carefree as you want as if you have unlimited time? Count me in because definitely I would love to do so and it is alright to be a child-like once again even for a day.

Instantly fall in ♥  with Cafe Publico 
That sorbetero cart is so lovely and depicts of how dirty ice cream is loved by most of Filipinos. The interior is obviously a combination of European and Filipino taste and culture which makes the result  very  exciting to behold and appreciated. Such an attractively unusual and old-fashioned place that you would want to dwell momentarily given a chance. Thanks to OpenRice Philippines for such a wonderful place to be invited to and partake in an intimate feast like no other. Another check mark for a dining place I've visited that's surely included in my personal bucket list. 
Wide blue sky mural combined with old-fashioned ceiling fans and strings of capiz small lanterns feels like you are in a different dimension. I so love this place. 
Choose what suits you. Cafe Publico has a lot to offer to satisfy that gustatory yearning. 

Toilette was squeaky clean and hope they'll maintain that kind of cleanliness and the quaint mezzanine was arranged in a manner that would mark a delightful experience to every guest. Definitely worth a visit.

I will never be satisfied if i won't make it to the top of the cafe. Going up, this colorful mural struck me. It was so nice for  a gelateria to be adorned as tall as this framed art. Be sure to watch your step as you go up  the ladder to the mezzanine while enjoying the beauty behind this art.

Perhaps this is the best side and corner that will welcome you after sweating your way up. There is something special I feel about this that is perfect for friendly and personal conversations while enjoying the fondness of what seem to be a mini asotea. Saturated already with the quaint ambiance there is at Cafe Publico? Then it is about time to get to know the place better with the offering they have that would surely tickle those taste buds of yours. In a long communal table we had the following:

Creamed Corn and Nachos (PhP 225)

Moroccan Beef Chili (PhP 245) 
For starters we have these corn nachos partnered with two kinds of dip - cream-based dip and tomato-based dip. Both were great pairings for an appetizer that instantly filled our stomach because of high carbo content. I never imagined that I will like those creamy corn kernels which is good to munch as you engage in a friendly conversation with some of the new faces I encountered that evening. I just hope that  tomato dips for chips won't be a thing of the past with the influx of creamy and corny dips. This dip was quite laudable from the group of foodies. However, everybody gets too excited when more and more dishes were offered. 

Chicken Liver Pistachio Pate (PhP 280) 
Ham and Mushroom Dip (PhP 280) 
Spinach and Cheese Dip (PhP 280)
Will you have breadsticks, crostinis or both? Of the three dips what's so special to me was the Spinach and Cheese Dip because of its versatile take on my palate. I particularly like spinach because of its capacity to be included in any type of dish and it is better with cheese. The oddest if not totally unacceptable by the group was the Liver Pistachio Dip perhaps because of its slightly bitter aftertaste though the idea of mixing it with pistachio nuts added more value to the entire dip in terms of flavor and acceptance. On the other hand, Ham and Mushroom Dip earned the most likes I guess because of its surest way to treat one's appetite with great pleasure due to its right blend of sweetness and saltiness.  We had everything that unexpectedly landed on our table. It is as if we were having some kind of a celebration or feast. Our dining experience on its early stages alone made us feel so much welcome at Cafe Publico. It is indeed a place for everybody :)

Pesto and Cream Spaghetti (PhP280) 

3-Cheese Beef Lasagna (PhP 295) 
Sausage and Spinach Spaghetti Arrabiata (PhP 290)

Spicy Tuna Spaghetti in Olive Oil (PhP 280) 

Mushroom and Truffle Cream Spaghetti (PhP 310) 
Suddenly, pastas and meals came forth the moment when we were not expecting more from the kitchen as highly supervised by Señor Pedro himself, Mr. Chua. Everybody was like all eyes on these delectable meals that he whole-heartedly served and once again teased us for they mightily captured our senses the moment they landed on our wooden table. Enough is not the appropriate term to be used that time and we felt we are being tested to fight for the urgency to overeat or not. A spoonful or two from each plate would suffice the need to get to know the dishes well. The 3-Cheese Beef Lasagna had me in just a bite as it is not so salty nor sharp compared to the usual cheese-laden pasta dishes. I want the cheesier part of it, the fact that a serving is actually good for sharing. The Spicy Tuna Spaghetti in Olive Oil, on the other hand was too spicy for me to handle but love the idea of healthy oil contained in the recipe that advocates healthy living, not to mention the tuna flakes that obviously made the entire dish high in protein due to its hefty portion. Pesto and Cream Spaghetti was in fact creamy but somehow lacked the taste of concentrated pesto sauce that I expect to be as powerful in taste as what I perceived it to be. Sausage and Spinach Spaghetti Arrabiata was so light in taste and generally acceptable by most of us. And last but not the least, the Mushroom and Truffle Cream Spaghetti which gained so much praises due to the aromatic type of oil used plus the reason that the dish was really rich and creamy.
Three layers of my personal choice of gelato flavors.
The mini-eyeball event for foodies  won't be through not until we taste tested the best-selling gelatos on display based on our judgement. Get to know this place more through their gelato offerings as I expose you to   my earlier post. You may check it out here.

2nd level, Greenhills Promenade
Greenhills Shopping Center
San Juan City