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Saturday, June 30, 2012

French Baker's Banana Split and Oreo Cheesecake

I met with a long lost friend here at THE FRENCH BAKER before I proceed to the Buddhist Temple somewhere in Malate Manila for a film viewing which I was invited to. For an hour or so we found ourselves caught into each others stories and old jokes. Good thing that we chose to be at a very conducive restaurant which clearly underwent a major renovation. I like the ambiance that moment than it was a few years back wherein it looks old and crowded. The vibe was homey and the place was incredibly clean with just a handful of guests that night, so we were able to keep the place as peaceful and inviting for the two of us as possible. Since both of us had our respective dinner, it was high time for dessert. Yay! I missed eating my favorite banana split at this particular restaurant so I did not hesitate to order for such huge dessert goblet.

Banana Split (PhP 160)

Though good for sharing, I managed to eat it alone without him interrupting my simple pleasures in life. In moments like I was craving for something huge, sweet and cold, I can be as selfish as I can be. Forgive me for my gluttony but you know I just can't help it :(  Who would not crave for something as big as this? Banana split placed in a huge goblet! Why not? It looks tempting, right? No wonder it is my favorite among the French Baker's all-time favorite cold dessert. The best-ever banana split using Magnolia ice cream. The usual concoction are scoops of chocolate ice cream but that time I liked it with strawberry and mango ice cream scoops that were the only available flavors. Artistically topped with chocolate sauce, strawberry ice cream then with strawberry syrup and whipped cream in between and of course brownies and an almond tile cookie. Extreme happiness is what I feel each time I have this. Spoilers not allowed :)

Oreo Cheesecake (PhP 88)
My friend chose to have this slice of cake. It looks sinful too and he seemed to be enjoying each spoonful as we engage ourselves into non-stop chatting. I remember buying this slice on a 50% off minutes before this resto-bakeshop closes, only that it was not cold as it should be. Other choices for cheesecake on the menu are Red Cherry Cheesecake and Blueberry Lite Cheesecake.

SM City Manila 
Concepcion cor. Arroceros and San Marcelino Sts.
Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines