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Monday, June 18, 2012

BIG 'N TASTY Love ko 'to!

What is burger without Mc Donald's french fries right?

Who else has not yet tasted the BIG 'N TASTY burger of McDonald's? I was able to taste this a few weeks ago with my blogger friends Carlo and Ness after having some beauty sessions with them. For dinner we chose McDonald's as some of the restaurants that night were already preparing closing for business. Glad we hit this place as it has been months  since I last set foot on a McDo store. I simply missed this fast-food place and one of the best hang out places especially at night. I so love their ambiance and the effort they are making to keep up with the vibe nowadays.
Our food tray that night
Naturally, after 4 hours of pampering from a skin clinic inside the mall, we are undoubtedly starving already. So the next best thing to order is something that is unfamiliar to the three of us. Nessie insisted on ordering the True Greatness which I have only seen on a commercial but would gladly mind fueling me up. Being the only thorn among the roses, Carl shouldered everything :) That was pretty awesome!  Although he is a vegetarian we teased him all night to try the burger that we thought will have a great impact on the market but we failed to sway him into even tasting it slightly. He is really serious about his strict kind of diet so he just settled for fries and coke. Okay.

I need not elaborate the description of McDonald's best burger in town- BIG 'N TASTY which instantly became a hit! Well, I bet I am still not behind on posting this as I think we were among the first ones to try such a simply great burger.  I could easily say love ko 'to the way Jasmine Trias sung it! lol! 

Really BIG and TASTY as well. Fresh? Oh yes!
I only love burgers if and only if: they are cooked well, made with 100% pure beef patty, has fresh veggies (without any discoloration), melted cheese (the sloppier the better because for a fact it tastes even better that way?) and is reasonably priced.  All these were met by BIG 'N TASTY! By the way ala carte order of this burger is PhP 120, for small meal it is PhP145 and for medium meal it is PhP165. Looking forward to tasting this burger again soon  with or without catsup or mustard :) I am good with this burger as is. Hefty and delicious - who would not want to grab it? See you at McDonalds and have a great things ahead of you! 

Question: Did you guys know why this burger BIG 'N TASTY is sold internationally but not in the United States and Australia? Just wondering after reading it from Wikipedia. Any opinion which will shed light on this matter?  

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