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Wednesday, June 06, 2012


It was coffee time again at Starbucks with my dear girlfriend Nessie, the one who invited me for a sweet late evening  date over a cup of coffee partnered with delectable sweets of course. It was a late in the afternoon  tempting allurement that I could not easily decline most especially when I was informed that it's gonna happen just a stone's throw away from home. I knew this lady for over a month already and being with her I always feel the security and fondness as if I've known her for years already. She's like an older sister to me and definitely a true friend that it was like an instant jive of chemical reaction, even though I rarely get close to a certain individual not unless we've been together on both extreme situations in our lives. 

Just a few hours ago we had this small yet meaningful talk about us and the world of blogging mainly because this is the very world where we met. Since she initiated to foot the bill because she was so happy of her earnings thru blogging lately, I was given a freewill to choose whatever I eat. But then I did not want to take advantage of her generosity so I just selected whatever my system felt like eating. 

Cinnamon Swirl
I particularly like this bread ideally due to its sweet aroma and flavor that always tickle my senses. I get addicted to cinnamon powder when I was still small and I still carry the same craving  up to now even if most of my friends do not like the fact that I can't live without this spice. Each piece is worth PhP 55 and given the size and quality of buttery dough it will be worth a try. I cannot exactly count how many times I've had this pastry but I can't sugarcoat that in very rare moments some branches were serving substandard pastries. In cases like that I never left the coffee shop without giving my feedback and constructive criticisms that is not to detract them but to at least help them improve and serve their valued customers better. 

Banoffee Pie
On the other hand, Nessie ordered her fave pie that we shared yet was all too common for me. Though I loved the manner it was prepared since it did not consist of banana slices, toffee and cream alone but with luscious layer of to-die-for thick chocolate syrup too. Well that sets it apart from those commercially made ones but still not the best version for me. Will cost you PhP 105 per serving.

To partner my hot Grande White Chocolate Mocha (PhP 145) with dark and rich espresso roast was this gooey cinnamon swirl that brightens my day a little further. My tummy says it was yummy!

We barely noticed the time only to find out when we checked our watches that our long talks must be curtailed since it was quarter to one in the morning already, thus the feeling of  companionship  was evidently well-formed  I felt so comfortable not just with what most considered a third home but most importantly with the person I share the same passion with. 

How about you what Starbucks pastry do you like most or something that could be the best partner for your hot drink?  Share your thoughts.

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