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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bar DOLCI: Life is So Sweet!

Bar Dolci is an Italian-inspired gelato place owned by a very young and private guy named Nicholai Go. It can be found at the coolest spot of Fort Bonifacio Global City situated exactly at the famous Burgos Circle where dozens of fancy restaurants reside. I passed by this place twice but never got the chance to taste their European-inspired sweets and savories, not until last Sunday that  I got an invite from my fellow foodies to join them in such another frenzy gastronomic adventure. I've been meaning to have even just a quick snack in here and what transpired was more than just a snack. You'll find why as you scroll down. *wink*

As per the restaurant manager I've talked with, they have over 40 gelato flavors that our palate could explore little by little but each day they only sell about 16 different flavors with their best sellers as regular offerings. 
But hey, this store is not only limited to those Italian ice creams but sweet and surprising treats such as coffee, tea, afogato, macarons and bruschetta too!

For new guests you will instantly notice the vandals written on the walls as you try and taste the vast gelato selection. Well they are not necessary be called as such because these are the names of regular and new diners alike who ordered a cup or two of their gelato favorite. Only at Bar Dolci I've witnessed such a cool idea. Downside is if the crew can't place the name of a certain guest among the many different names written on the glass wall. But as manager Ryan confidently said they knew their customers well the moment they enter the store as most of them were regulars already.

The store's dining area is located upstairs which can approximately accommodate 20-30 guests and few seats at the al fresco area. They are open for small events too like birthday parties, get-togethers and the likes. The place is ideal for intimate events so I really recommend this as a would-be perfect venue for your next gathering. Obviously, store's motif are gray and orange, a combination of two different hues for a more striking appeal.

 Killing time through reading. Well, Bar Dolci has lots of magazines available for a productive reader like you.

 Comfortably seat here with your cool set of friends . .

 or settle here as you are having a "me" time or with someone close to you. . .

or better yet, choose this outdoor dining space :)

Now can I ask a permission from you to explore with me as we savor some of old and the soon-to-be  launched food items of Bar Dolci. Ready, set, dig in!!!!

Strawberry Ricotta Bruschetta
Prima facie, they look delish only to find out after my initial bite that they were heavenly good. Made with french baguette sliced horizontally, topped with ricotta cheese and strawberry jam. Oozing with natural flavor because Bar Dolci made sure that every ingredients were selected properly and guess what, they even make their own strawberry jam for this sourced at the La Trinidad Benguet. I could just imagine the strawberry jam and the fleshy and freshly-picked strawberry fruits. A bit pricey though - PhP100/piece and PhP270/ 3 pieces. 

Does this drink mean a combination of frappe and gelato? I think so. A  160z cup will cost you PhP230. We were give a chance to sample our choice of frappelatto out of their long list.  I got myself a Banana with Caramelized White Chololate while others had Salted Caramel (crowd's favorite), Ferrero, Toffee Roca, and Chocolate Mint.  My chosen frappelato was sinfully good and I was really surprised that as finish my drink a hard lump was already obstructing my straw; it was formed and hardened already at the bottom of my paper cup. Hmmmm..must be the caramelized white chocolate. I tried to break it into pieces using my hard red straw but was kinda stubborn so I just let it sit there and continue with the quiches. . . 

Spinach and Bacon Provolone

Roquefort Broccolli

Tomato and Basil with Mozarella

Quiche Lorraine

As far as I know, quiche are of French origin. I knew about this because I used to worked before at a fine dining French Restaurant here in Manila, with that I can't help but try to compare the quiches at Bar Dolci from my the previous store that I handled. There were lots of differences, both good and bad.  All laid down before us were savory as expected, with heavy and unforgettable fillings and custards. I particularly appreciate the serving portion because they were really huge and heavy. PhP180/slice is not bad at all. For veggie lovers, you'll love the Spinach & Bacon Provolone and Roquefort Broccoli. Spinach and bacon went well together for my palate but the roquefort for broccoli has somewhat complex in taste but maintained to be creamy yet moldy in taste as usual; broccoli pieces were really obvious given its flower-y characteristic. On the other hand, Tomato and Basil Quiche was sort of watery and bland compared to the other variants. Quiche Lorraine was my favorite, always my favorite even in my working days at a French-inspired restaurant . The bacon, onion, gruyer cheese when blended together were fantastic. Though, it may look awkward and looked like an egg pie at first glance, the flavorful aspect is what matter most. Bar Dolci's Quiches were heavy, big and really tasty!

For the sandwiches that will be sold in the coming days for PhP260/serving , here's what we got. . .FYI, sandwiches were sliced into bite size pieces for everybody to appreciate.

Turkey and Brie with Cranberry Chutney 

Honeyed Porkloine with Gouda Cheese and Apple

I liked more the former than the latter because of its acidic note that complemented well the turkey with a taste similar to chicken. Also, the sandwich looked appealing too with the color of cranberry that is in one way or another, informing the diner of its flashy characteristic. However, the second sandwich had exact flavor with hint of pungency coming from the gouda cheese; slice of apple has different texture than the natural ones and I barely taste the porkloine.

Mango Yogurt Sorbet
And the most anticipated part came, the gelato time! A cup as big as this will cost you PhP120 and boy it was so heaven in every scoop, not too sweet nor milky, and just exactly how I want my cold dessert to be. Without any pretension, it was so simple and you can easily taste the freshness, only to realize that it was just prepared a while ago before it was served on our table.

Ferrero Gelato Burger
PhP120 per serving. This, I think is quite familiar to you if you were fond of eating dirty ice cream sandwich made by manong sorbetero when you were young as part of the recess time with your playmates. This will surely bring back your childhood memories only that this ice cream sandwich was not made of the usual keso and tsokolate dirty ice cream flavors, but with frozen sweet Italian ice cream. It may look simple yet the process was sort of different because before it landed our table on a clean white plate with napkin, it was hastily grilled to achieve a warm temperature coupled with freezing coldness due to its filling. As first-timers, we were awed on our first bite followed by another bite and still another bite of the Buco Pandan and Toffee Rocca variants. It was worth the wait and surely worth a try!

Peanut Butter Jelly Macarons and Salted Caramel Macarons

Peanut Butter Macarons
Oh I honestly love parisian macarons! Say what, Bar Dolci has the freshest meringue-based confectionery I've had so far. Thank that I did not lose my sanity over these as each piece easily melts in my mouth. Moist and yes yummy. Although I had a hard time chewing the peanut butter jelly macaron, I still would love to chew another ganache-filled sandwich as colorful and as delectable as seen above. Who would not attempt? Again, a bit pricey for PhP50 per piece. I can purchase it from others for like PhP20-25 from other bakeshop though not as ideal and authentic as Bar Dolci's.

Life is indeed sweet at Bar Dolci. Until my next visit :) I must try your intriguing set of pops - the sugar free ones, the cocktail pops and the dolcitas. Hmmmmm really interesting. No wonder, this sweet spot on the side of Bonifacio Global City won the  No.1 on Top Food Spot for the Top 10 Gelato Spots

F133 Forbeswood Heights 
cor. Burgos Circle, 1637 Taguig