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Thursday, June 07, 2012

GRAB THE WRITE PRIZE at OpenRice Philippines Newest Promo

OpenRice Philippines came up with yet another exciting promo named Grab the Write Prize, that I cannot afford to miss. Being an OpenRicer for more than a year now and won a certain number of assorted prizes  such as gift certificates, movie tickets and yes including an iPad2 from their UNLIMITED R.I.C.E Promo which transpired  last year, I know how powerful and promising this online dining guide is.  In fact most of its contributors are local people who simply loves eating and writing about their restaurant experiences. One does not need to be a food blogger in order to participate as anyone can freely join. Founded in HongKong in the year 1999 and has established its presence in major cities across China, Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore.  Need I say more?

Are you an OpenRicer yet? If not and dreamed of winning the grand prize like I did (check it out here), then it is about time to realize your dream and grab that awesome gadget! Simply register here and make sure to write great consice reviews through and through. Hurry and believe you can make it!

The beauty of this promo compared to the previous ones is that everybody gets a fair share of prize/s ranging form a nice OpenRice unmbrella, gift certificates form participating restaurants to awesome gadgets once you reached the minimum number of reviews. Surprisingly good!

For Promo Mechanics, Terms and Conditions and Sample of a good restaurant review, check this out.
So easy and so fun! GRAB THE WRITE PRIZE NOW!
Good luck OpenRicers and should I say congratulations already as all your efforts will surely pay off.