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Saturday, September 29, 2012

CHICKEN DELI is now in SM Santa Rosa

CHICKEN DELI is now in SM Santa Rosa
(L-R) Louie Rivera Jr., JB Mapa, David Abrenilla, RC Ciocon and friend.
CHICKEN DELI is now in SM Santa RosaChicken Deli took the south by storm literally! Chicken Deli launched its latest branch last Sunday, September 16, 2012 at SM Santa Rosa, Laguna. The new branch was flooded by Inasal fans on this rainy day who wanted to get a feel of the Inasal craze and to grab a taste of that popular and delicious Chicken recipe from the festive City of Bacolod.

The simple and intimate store blessing was attended by close friends, family and Chicken Deli store owners that came all the way from Bacolod. As soon as the kitchen started grilling their famous original Inasal dishes, Sunday mall visitors started pouring in the restaurant from kids, teens, old timers, friends and family! Chicken Deli caters to all and offers everyone that enters its doors a satisfying smile on their faces and a reason to look forward to for their next visit.

DepEd warns against con artist posing as DepEd Secretary

The Department of Education warns the public against an impostor pretending to be Education Secretary Armin A. Luistro soliciting financial assistance for DepEd projects.

A man claiming that he is Secretary Luistro has asked some colleges and universities as well as private businesses for at least P10,000 in donation to be deposited to the account of his secretary, Ms. Ester Avilla at Landbank Batangas account # 0277166445 or via Cebuana Lhuillier c/o Ester C. Corpuz or Jaime Jacob.

The caller uses cellphone numbers 0926-7144527, 0926-7144543 and 0927-7110047.

Any similar incident of illegal solicitation should be disregarded or promptly reported to DepEd at phone number 6316033.
*Press Release

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SPAOAY Wellness Center in Timog Avenue, Quezon City

SPAOAY Wellness Center in Timog Avenue, Quezon City
If you are residing in Quezon City and a frequent passerby along Timog Avenue, then you could have probably noticed this newly-opened wellness center that offers traditional Ilocano treatment for massage and facials which make use of herbs like tea tree, mint and coffee. The name Spaoay was coined from the words Spa and an Ilocos town, Paoay; owned and managed by a full-blooded Ilocano, chef Danny de la Cuesta and his four close friends and business partners. Yes they are the very owners of Comida Ilocandia, the neighboring restaurant and it was nice to know that their concerted dreams of having a venture like these finally came true even if they came from different discipline. 

I've tried assorted kinds of wellness spa here in Manila since I learned how to give importance to my well-being, and I bet this is one place that promises to have a regional thematic set-up. In Spaoay, they proudly offer time-honored therapies from the Ilocos region that has a strong belief of healing touch. In that case the owners only employ professionally trained and TESDA accredited staff to be able to  perform wellness therapies that have a distinguished past.

Mr. de la Cuesta toured us in his three-floor spa building that send out homey and ultra comfortable sensation. Facilities are  new and boast of being large and uniquely set up. In every corner you'll see some  hand-carved kamagong figurine and some classic displays from cloth to lighting fixtures.
SPAOAY Wellness Center in Timog Avenue, Quezon City 
Once inside make sure to indulge in wellness rituals like Spaoay Traditional Massage Therapies, which I experienced for 1 and a half hour; other choices or packages include Spaoay Body Wash Therapies, Spaoay Brazilian Way, Spaoay Deep Facial Cleansing Therapy, Spaoay Innovation Fusion Therapies, Spaoay Full Body Polish Treatment Package and Spaoay Body Bliss Therapy which is perfect for men and women. 

COMIDA Ilocandia: Slow-Cooked Flavors from the North

COMIDA Ilocandia: Slow-Cooked Flavors from the NorthNestled along Timog Avenue in Quezon City is this thematic Ilocano bistro and newest restaurant called Comida Ilocandia. A brainchild of a fashion designer turned chef, Mr. Danny de la Cuesta and his four close friends and business partner which is almost a month-old. One Sunday evening, yours truly was fortunately invited to try this place with its famous Ilocano slow cooked recipes at easy on the pocket prices. If I were to ask pointblank of there is a restaurant here in Manila that offers Ilocano food and delicacies, there is only one thing in my mind and that is Mangan. And now there is another addition to the list and this is definitely Comida Ilocandia. I was deeply excited to have dinner with the owner along with co-bloggers after having had an indulgence in traditional Ilocano massage at the neighboring wellness center named Spaoay, which is also a business of Chef Danny and friends. My Father was actually born and raised from La Union, Ilocos region, making me all the more excited with what this place can uniquely offer. Who would say no to bagnet, pinakbet, tinuno, Vigan logganisa and other Ilocos specialties most especially if they are being offered at decent prices and accessible venue?
COMIDA Ilocandia: Slow-Cooked Flavors from the North
Comida Ilocandia has a lot to offer from value rice meals, bento meals, regular meals, rice meals, signature drinks and even bottled pickled vegetables. The place is small and manned by at least five service crew. You may consider this place as haven for Ilocos cuisine after trying out the neighboring spa. It is always best to satisfy one's hunger after a relaxing moment, right? Open daily from lunch until one in the morning.

KARAOKE REPUBLIC Family KTV & Restaurant in Timog Avenue, Quezon City

KARAOKE REPUBLIC Family KTV & Restaurant in Timog Avenue, Quezon City
After having a very relaxing wellness rituals at Spaoay and indulging Ilocandia dishes at Comida, our group headed to a destination for some fun karaoke nights. You are definitely right as this KTV bar known as Karaoke Republic is just a few steps away from where we spent most of our Sundate.  Our stay may be brief but I can say it  was one of the most exhilarating time I had  with bloggers.

As usual the place is perfect for friends and families who simply want to get giddy and sing to heart's content. The place has uniquely designed rooms based on different countries around the world. And mind you, they have lots of rooms to accommodate huge number of guests. Be fascinated as well with their colorful wall paintings, cool room names and greatly satisfy your tastebuds with an array of bar and restaurant foods they consistently offer. Since this is a Family KTV and Restaurant, they are open from 3pm to 5am  with a regular rate pf PhP80 per hour per person every Friday and Saturday.
KARAOKE REPUBLIC Family KTV & Restaurant in Timog Avenue, Quezon City
We were happily welcomed by Mr. Jay Lazaro, Marketing Head of Karaoke Republic. He even revealed his beautiful voice as he sang before the crowd inside our Songpreme Court Room. Up to now, I still laugh at the smart and cool way they name their KTV rooms. According to him, the reason why they got a huge Philippine Map at one of their passageways primarily because Philippines is a big Karaoke Republic. No wonder we have numerous beautiful and talented singers from different parts of the country who made their way to stardom.
KARAOKE REPUBLIC Family KTV & Restaurant in Timog Avenue, Quezon City

MERALCO Introduces MeralcO Virtual Engine (MOVE) App Suite

MERALCO Introduces MeralcO Virtual Engine (MOVE) App Suite
The Meralco Powered Rangers
MERALCO Introduces MeralcO Virtual Engine (MOVE) App SuiteMeralco, a renowned Employer of the Year in People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) 49th Annual Conference, recently unveiled  MeralcO Virtual Engine (MOVE), a free app suite designed for Filipinos consisting of six applications that provide continuing throughout the entire 24 hours of the day to the electric company’s services through smart phones or tablets. It happened dinnertime in The Lighthouse, 14th Floor, Lopez Building, Meralco Compound, Ortigas, Pasig City.
Meralco wanted to offer this kind of assistance since most of its customers are often online where they spend much of their time day in and day out. The MOVE apps provide Meralco customers with different benefits to bring ease and convenience in managing their electricity concerns. And I truly believe that at least one member of the family should have this application which they can refer to from time to time.

MERALCO Introduces MeralcO Virtual Engine (MOVE) App Suite

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tea.ology in Katipunan, Quezon City

Tea.ology in Katipunan, Quezon City
Tea.ology in Katipunan, Quezon City
Tea has already become a part of Filipino diet as tea shops and restaurants offering this second most popular drink in the world in different kind and form are everywhere and they go viral very fast. Though it has long been part of Asian diet, for us Filipinos it is slowly and successfully invading us. Who among us have not experienced drinking bubble tea or milk tea? Majority have joined the bandwagon I bet. Even fast food restaurants have joined the latest obeservable occurence. What could be next after this? I cannot exactly predict.

OpenRice Philippines invited me once again to join their Eat's A Date event a few days ago and this is the second time around that they want bloggers and OpenRicers to feature a tea shop called tea.ology. I've seen their very first and cute branch in Il Terrazzo Mall, Quezon City early this year and honestly it was only that night that I was able to taste some of their beverages that the owners proudly pronounced their products are made from 100% freshly-brewed loose-leaf teas for a healthy life!
Tea.ology in Katipunan, Quezon City
Tea.ology in Katipunan, Quezon City

Isn't it their brand name really catchy and  rings a bell? Of course it does not mean a rational study of religion and its influence, as we are pertaining to a teo.logy word here and not theology. teo.logy, based on what is printed in their plastic cups, is the art and study of brewing the perfect cup of tea. It is nice to take note that even now the word is pronounced is written as well. It was actually a bright idea for a tea shop name. Something easy to remember and makes a lot of sense.  They have limited tea blends and makes a lot easier to order as you need not to browse for more than a minute or so. They classify their tea according to: Tealuxe, Fruit Tea Infusions, Classic Milk Teas, Classic Teas, Milk Tea Blends and Other Favorites.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cucina ni Chef in Ermita Manila: Zodio's Exclusive Bloggers Dinner

Cucina ni Chef in Ermita Manila: Zodio's Exclusive Blogger Dinner
Facade of Cucina Ni Chef
Lovely waiting seats welcome incoming guests just before they reach the rustic restaurant's main door. Walls are adorned with assorted Harlequin's masks which set an initial feeling of sophistication and secretive style.
Cucina ni Chef in Ermita Manila: Zodio's Exclusive Blogger Dinner
Cucina ni Chef in Ermita Manila: Zodio's Exclusive Blogger Dinner
Nestled along A. Mabini Street in Ermita, Manila is this neighborhood restaurant offering wide variety of cuisines with multicultural influences.  No wonder it is called as CUCINA NI CHEF Mixed Cuisines. In English, it is literally translated as Kitchen of the Chef. But who is this chef that this mysterious restaurant is talking about? Before I spill the beans let me share with you the reason how I possibly got to this side of Manila on a dinnertime. 

I was able to attend a very casual, fun and inviting event because of a man named Spanky Enriquez, who sent me an invitation thru Facebook's private message a week before the Zodio's Exclusive Blogger Dinner. He was actually quite familiar to me and the organization he was telling seems legit and credible enough, so I gratefully sent him a confirmation and  thank you message the moment I received his invitation. Thursday, September 6, I was caught in a heavy downpour on my way to the venue but the weather never halted my excitement and first time encounter with the group of bloggers. Fortunately, I know someone like me,who successfully made it just right on time. Her name is Guia, the one who happens to be my seatmate that evening along with Mr. Angelo and the owner of Goodies and Sweets, Chef Aileen Anastacio. I was flabbergasted with the idea of meeting and chatting with these people especially Ms. Aileen, one of the popular pastry chef here in the country.

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Lounge 7th High in Bonifacio High Street

The Lounge 7th High in Bonifacio High Street  
I am actually not a party person but I've already been to some bars in Metro Manila especially now that I reached my quarter life---carefree and enjoying it as much as I can.  I had to admit too that I'm the exact opposite of my first female cousin who is like a party animal and have accessed all high end bars here and abroad, one who has bunch of social friends. But one thing is for sure, I was never a party pooper and will never be (or so I thought)! My blog post today is not about partying but something that is quite related to that. A few days back after covering an event for a premier bed linen in the country, one of the PR people who invited the eight of us graciously welcomed the group to order anything we want from the 7th High menu.  I think it was more like an act of returning the favor for us who were present for the late afternoon event and I felt each one of us on our assigned bar nook seemed excited about the idea. Right after she asked the group, I sneaked out and went to the bathroom to freshen up and when I go back everything was ordered already which then gave me a little peace of mind. If I am not mistaken it was everybody's first time at this luxurious and one of the formidable high-end bar in Manila. A very popular and highly marketable entertainment, art and nightlife hub. Even if the sun was still high and not a perfect time for partying with loud dance songs and club music, we simply settled to sampling some of the meals and dishes that proudly occupied their menu folder. Hence, our group of bloggers maximized the time of togetherness over good food and fine place. Our very first Seventh High experience! 

Canadian Manufacturing Lifestyle Unleashed

Canadian Manufacturing Lifestyle Unleashed
A few days ago,  Canadian Manufacturing, a  premier bed linen company, unveiled its new collection for the upcoming season at the popular and  gorgeous lounge called 7th High in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. It wowed the crowd with a wonderful event which was highlighted by a brief but remarkable laser lights show accompanied by a fashion show --- first of its kind in the bed linen industry. It was very splendid and of  various colors, a pleasant way to showcase their new collections of Lifestyle Diamonds, Crystals, Gems, and Character Collection.

This company envisioned to become the leading manufacturer of high quality bed linens in the country and strives upon being the best and I must say they are constantly delivering it. This is so possible with the leadership of company President, Mr. Hiro Asandas and Managing Director, Mr. Ravi Daryanan, who were both happily and positively present during the event.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Yuujin Japanese Cuisine in Wilson Street, San Juan City

Yuujin Japanese Cuisine
Yuujin Japanese Cuisine
Whenever I encounter a Japanese restaurant it always reminds me how they offer great variety of dishes. I've been to numerous types and every experience is worth while. While it is one of the most sought-after cuisines in the metro nowadays since there are a lot of Japanese-inspired formal and quick service restaurants sprouting here and there, this one along Wilson Street in San Juan City, my beloved hometown, prides a friendly neighborhood restaurant where politicians and artists frequent. I noticed this resto's good-looking facade every time I visit my friends who are working at Cardinal Memorial Center but it was just two weeks ago that I finally nailed the place. It is a secluded and private place that has been around for seven years already which owned and operated by wonderfully close-knit group of friends who all did their best to preserve the place which was an old mansion. Actually, they were initially situated  inside the mall then transferred along Connecticut St., still in San Juan, but there were legal issues that needed to be settled so that was the time they finally shifted to where it is presently stood. As a matter of fact, Yuujin Japanese Cuisine was the one which revolutionize the marketable restaurants along Wilson Street. If you leave near the area and we are of same age you can ask your parents about this and they might be of help and give light to this matter.
Yuujin Japanese Cuisine
It has spacious air conditioned dining area with homey ambiance in a way that you will never fell not in a hurry to leave. Adorned with Japanese displays like characters and dolls about every corner.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Preserving Mankind with Kojie.san Men

What comes to your mind when you hear or read the word 'manly'? Does that word equate to being extremely muscular? Like having a well-developed musculature starting from arms, chest, abs and legs or one who does a regular work-out? Or perhaps, someone who is tall, dark and handsome; someone who has perfect jaw line, kissable lips, or maybe one who has a deep voice? While some perceived being manly based on their physical characteristics, others prefer someone who is equipped with positive attitude, level-headed, caring, protective, smart and has word of honor. This goes to show that women have different perception as to what is truly manly - some interpret the word in such a way that it has to signify a modern kind of man while others have it the traditional type, and still others a good combination of both.

In my opinion, a modern man is someone who has smart inkling of the traditional way of treating a lady, he must also be a gentleman, mature enough to handle everything, sensible and of course realistic. Though I'm more of talking about having an ideal man, it is also but important that he is fit and healthy and can be vain enough to care for his look in order to be presentable and confident enough to face everyday challenges. For me having conscious efforts to improve his looks is acceptable. Say for instance, using beauty products that are widely available in the market. Yes, we ladies are not the only ones who are entitled to those cosmetics and  preparations externally applied to change or enhance our look from head to toe.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Unspeakably Yours: The Underarm Monologues

Hey ladies (and yes even gentlemen)! I want to share some good news with you about Dove Deodorant's collaboration with Upstart Productions to present Unspeakably Yours: The Underarm Monologues. Well, I have actually shared my recent experience about this totally hilarious and eye-opening experience a few weeks back and I want to repeat the same experience again. The most anticipated play of the year was  inspired by stories from real women, this original outspoken comedy explores views on an intimate part of the body that females love to hate and hate to love: their underarms. For those of you who have not read my post, click here.

Should you want to watch this show, mark your calendars now as it will be happening this coming 
October 10, 2012 in Teatrino, Greenhills Promenade, San Juan City

 By the way, here's the sneak peek to Unspeakably Yours: The Underarm Monologues.

You'll surely enjoy this! Promise.
 For more details and for updates on how you can get tickets, Like DOVE on Facebook and follow them on Twitter

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Learning Art, Astrology & Crystology with Juno Parungao and JIV Manila Art Group

Art, Astrology & Crystology with Juno Parungao and JIV Manila Art Group
A few weeks back, I attended a very rare three-part seminar workshop tackling art, astrology and crystology at U-View Basement Theater, Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street. Though it fall on Sunday, I made it a point to be present on a different kind of opportunity and honestly speaking I was head over heels for this thing. I have learned to appreciate things about Astrology and Crystology because I was greatly influenced by my bestfriend. How I wished she was with me that afternoon so that she can also raise her unending and bothering questions. But you know what, with all these years our friendship bloomed  into a different kind of level because she taught me how to be happier and better understand other people because of her knowledge of the Moon Sign, otherwise known as the Sign of the Zodiac. She can smartly interpret your personality mainly because of your birth sign and symbol or facial features due to her fondness of reading books about Astrology (particularly Chinese Astrology since she is Chinoy) and Crystology and stuff I did not know have great impact to our lives. That is why I am very very grateful to Ms. Vance for allowing me to take part in this seminar-workshop. In that way, I have also learned some new things I never knew existed and imparted some of my insights and knowledge to her that I've extracted from a 3-hour long episode. Because, just like my BFF, I'm a sucker for Astrology!!!

CHIinoypreneur Day and CHInoy TV

CHIinoypreneur Day
Mr. Samie Lim, the Franchising Guru.
First day of September and ber months, I think I was productive enough to have attended CHInoypreneur Day in Federation Center, Binondo Manila. It was a whole day event and an advocacy project of Chinoy TV in cooperation with Philippine Franchise Association (PFA), Go Negosyo, Mansmith and Fielders and the Alliance of Filipino-Chinese Students (AFICS). It aims to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship among the youth and to help improve the current state of Chinoy-owned business by educating them with different tools, technologies and strategies in the fields of leadership, finance, marketing, IT, human resources and so much more. Though I stayed for only about two hours I was able to witness and heed well-known business guru like Mr. Samie Lim, who basically talked about franchising;  Mr. Paulo Tibig, who generously shared his knowledge about the basics of entrepreneurship; and Mr. Michaelangelo Lobrin who bequeath his thoughts for positive mindset.
CHIinoypreneur Day
CHInoypreneur Day was co-presented by Multiply.com and successfully gathered the most influential business experts in the Philippines today. It aims to foster unity among the Chinoy community in different industries. I sure hope those who were present that day, be it whole day of half day, have learned great lessons that they can slowly master and apply in their future business. I felt it was all about people helping other people and it is good to know that Chinoy community presently have common purpose and interest with one another.

Chef's Noodle: The Best Tasting Noodles in Korea is Now in the Philippines!

You got it correct! The best tasting noodles in Korea is definitely here in the country! I was one of the lucky few to have experienced the taste of Korea last week at Chef's Noodles first branch located in University Mall, Taft Avenue as yours truly was invited during their soft opening period. It is an ideal place for students around the area to have an instant South Korean fix anytime. Here's the store schedule: Monday-Friday: 10AM-9PM Saturday: 10AM-6PM. Nice to know that they also have one in San Juan City where I reside but it is more of an express outlet excellent for delivery and takeout.To be specific you can find it in Atlanta Center Greenhills.

Chef's Noodle Philippines is a master franchise of the Chef's Noodle brand from South Korea with dishes formulated by Award-Winning Korean Chef, Choi In Sun. He has won many awards and is a known Celebrity Chef in South Korea. I am actually very excited to meet and greet him along with Ms. Grace Lee in their grand opening this coming September 18. 

 The following are a variety of unique and very appealing Korean dishes we sampled that afternoon. . .We started with the dish which the restaurant was named after.- Chef's Noodle!

Chef's Noodle PhP150
It is a signature dish and has long been popular in Korea. Made with Korean fresh noodles with beef broth topped with vegetables, sprouts, fired tofu, kutchay,jun-ya, bulgogi and tamago. This noodle dish can be refilled with broth as much as you can. Good for 2-3 persons.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Banana Leaf: Serving Authentic Southeast Asian Cuisine

Banana Leaf: Serving An Authentic Southeast Asian Cuisine
Banana Leaf: Serving An Authentic Southeast Asian Cuisine
August 2001 when Banana Leaf started operating here in our country and let us fall in love with the mix of best of Asian cuisines, be it  Malaysian, Singaporean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Indian. This restaurant boasts of only serving the authentic Southeast Asian cuisine. With the wide range of offerings and over eight branches they currently have, I'm sure you were able to get to try some of them dishes already. Each restaurant accepts walk-ins, reservations and it was just recently that they also provide corporate functions, parties and even baptismal and wedding receptions. Not to mention, delivery services courtesy of a reliable food delivery services., Quick Delivery.  What more could you ask for? They have variety of menu option that could tailor suit your needs if ever you want some outside catering too!

A few days back, me along with my food buddies were invited to savor  Banana Leaf's delicious fare. Tasting some of them were never new to me as I've learned to love the place and the kind of cuisine a few years back when a supposedly Malaysian employer first introduced it to me who then treated my batchmates for lunch in their SM North The Block outlet. It is common knowledge that main ingredients used by this restaurant are sourced from their country of origin and prepared by expat Asian chef.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Singapore Food Republic by Nasi Lemak at Fort Bonifacio Global City

 Singapore Food Republic by Nasi Lemak at Fort Bonifacio Global City
Located near St. Lukes Medical Center and opposite HSBC building in Bonifacio Global City is this restaurant which is the sister outlet and second branch of Nasi Lemak in Robinson's Galleria called "Singapore Food Republic by Nasi Lemak." We were graciously invited by Mr. HK Tan who has always been a genial Facebook friend of mine. After three long months of waiting for him to finish his traveling and business stuffs finally I was able to meet him in the flesh along with my co-food bloggers. I made it a point that it was everybody's first time at this branch so as to at least let them feel the craving for authentic Singaporean treats and learn from the Executive Chef-Owner himself. It was an afternoon of informal kind of meeting and getting to know the restaurant better that is now popolar and thriving well in serving the best of Singapore in a fusion of Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Japanese, Indonesian, and Indian cuisine.
 Singapore Food Republic by Nasi Lemak at Fort Bonifacio Global City View of the dining area from the second level. It was more than two hours past lunch time already so we were not able to witness the place in its jam packed moment where I surmise lunch crowd is thick and hungry for more.

Friday, September 07, 2012

SMACKED SNACK: MC DONALD'S Twister Fries and Coke McFloat

MC DONALD'S Twister Fries
MC DONALD'S Twister Fries
For sure every ladies and gentlemen, teenagers and oldies out there have already tried this vogue thing when it comes to fries and softdrinks float which is also known to many  as  McDONALD'S Twister Fries and Coke McFloat. Everybody gets crazy over these two fast moving fast food items from a Quick Service Restaurant giant, McDonalds. Bringing back the seasonal and sensational "twister fries" was like a dream come true, particularly to those who are fond of snacking curly fries, when it was officially released last month.

Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test: Be a Food Critic for a Day!

If you are a certified foodie then you could have probably heard and experience the most-anticipated annual food event called the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST. As a matter of fact, this mid-September will be my very first time to actually experience the said feast because I always got unlucky to participate for the past years due to work schedule. Yup!I used to work every weekend :( Thus, I always end up envying those who were able to enjoy such an enormous kind of food trip.  And it is about time to make up for the lost time and finally meet in the flesh the man behind this event, a well-renowned pioneer in food blogging community,  Mr. Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet.

What: Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test: Be a Food Critic for a Day!
When: September 15-16, 2012, Saturday and Sunday, 11:00AM  to 9:00PM
Where: Rockwell Tent
Ultimate Taste Test Fee: P585/head for one day and P1,000/head for two days

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Tupperware Brands seeks for Women of Confidence

According to Mr. Henry Ford, "If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can’t, you’re right." This one-liner very well talks about having a self-esteem or confidence which every person should possess. It's so timely that when we are about to give up in pursuit to what makes us happy and comfortable all the time, a mark of confidence shall present itself. To most women, self-confidence is the key for you can accomplish a lot because of it; you can reach your goals in life and inspire others as well.

A few days ago, I attended an event in Best Western Premier F1 Hotel at the Fort, Taguig City, featuring Tupperware Brands Philippines as it puts the spotlight on strong and confident Filipinas who have proven to make a difference and influence people's lives by recognizing their achievements and positive attitudes.

Department of Education and Smart Launch Online Contest To Honor Teachers

As we all know, being a teacher is such a noble profession, so how about honor them through a photo, a poster or a video and make it viral for the world to know? This is the essence of the 2012 National Teachers’ Month and World Teachers’ Day nationwide poster-making, photo and video-making contests launched by the Department of Education in partnership with Smart Communications.

Education Secretary Br. Armin A. Luistro FSC said the contest hopes to encourage elementary pupils and high school students from public and private schools to creatively express how much they honor and value their teachers through the use of multi-media.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Rossi Sweet Red Wine: A Different Kind of Sweet from Carlo Rossi

Majority of us even though we live in a tropical country, have learned to imbibe wine. I for one observed how Filipinos embrace having at least a bottle or two of wine, be it red or white, inside the chiller or in the cupboard as a form of celebration during life's worth-celebrating and joyful moments, like passing the board or bar exams, birthdays, New Year, Christmas, graduation or simply having an impromptu chillaxing time with relatives or barkada and so on and so forth. Drinking and having wine around is like a social thing already. In some countries it is actually part of their every meal. 

Just recently, Emperador Distillers, Inc., a well-renowned distillery in the country, launched a new kind of wine that fits the Pinoy gustation which also changes the way we perceive wine-drinking. It transpired at the Gallery, Richmond Hotel in Eastwood City. They call it the Rossi Sweet Red from Carlo Rossi. This brand is known to be a household name when people talk about good and honest wines, perhaps because of its affordability, popularity and unique blend. Carlo Rossi has categorized its brand from Red, White and Pink which mostly were introduced in the year 1962.

UNSPEAKABLY YOURS: The Underarm Monologues by Dove Deodorant

UNSPEAKABLY YOURS: The Underarm Monologues by Dove Deodorant
UNSPEAKABLY YOURS: The Underarm Monologues by Dove Deodorant
Few days just before August ends, I was so grateful to have attended and witnessed such a hilarious and outspoken comedy brought about by Unspeakably Yours: The Underarm Monologues presented by Dove Deodorant. It happened in a very private and classy Teatrino in Promenade Greenhills, San Juan City.  Why I was so grateful and totally mesmerized with the said event? Because I am a woman and being a woman  have plenty of issues about an intimate part of my body that I believe every ladies out there love to hate and hate to love, nothing else but our underarms! I know I know, there are myriads of stories, pressing problems that beset us from plucking, waxing and shaving the armpits to to the darkest things that are unbecoming not to accept that are very frustrating, like dark spots, chicken skin, rough patches and ingrown hairs.

With Dove Deodorant's collaboration with Upstart Productions all of the ladies and even gentlemen present that evening, were able to see and heed the true-to-life anecdotes, thoughts and trivias about every woman's best friend or worst-enemy.  One can clearly observe the impact of the underarm monologue to the viewers as majority if not all of the crowd reacted to every sentences or witty remarks delivered by such talented female artists. It talked about the reality that each woman faces with all honesty and humor.

Monday, September 03, 2012

THE MARKETPLACE is the newest Food Trip Site in Eastwood City

THE MARKETPLACE is the newest Food Trip Site in  Eastwood City
Tonight I would like to share with you the best place to eat, eat and eat! Maybe majority of you have tried this food bazaar at this side of the world, that is well-loved by yuppies and foodies together. It has been around for quite a while and I was so lucky to have tried almost everything here at Eastwood Open Parking last week.  This night market is known as THE MARKETPLACE which operates every WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY AND FRIDAY from  9PM TO 4AM. Look to your left and right, you'll definitely see so many food options to that are all cooked and prepared from the heart and very affordable too! More forward and step backwards, you'll never ran out of options from crackers, isaw, inasal, lutiong bahay, pizzas, pastries, kakanin and even the craze nowadays like milk teas.

The place has the same feel like that of Banchetto yet this one is a a bit small but very crowded. It houses a wide array of merchants selling all sorts of food stuffs. From the name itself I guess the people behind this knew too well that this type of business is truly marketable and flourishing given the set of markets available which mostly belongs to call center companies.

Marriott Cafe Sizzles with its Newest Teppanyaki Station

Marriott Cafe Sizzles with its Newest Teppanyaki Station

From sushi to sashimi to anything in between, Japanese is one cuisine that is incomparable to anywhere in the world--they’re tasty and offer large variety of dishes and regional specialties. Since Marriott Café come to terms with the fact that Japan will be forever loved for its culinary offerings with a classic appeal, the restaurant is adding a teppanyaki station for buffet dinner still at P1750 net, grilling only the freshest and meaty choices of seafood, fish, beef, pork, and chicken. If you’re in the mood to get filled with something like this, look no further than Marriott Cafe as executive chef Meik Brammer makes everything tastier and satisfying in all aspects from the grill to the plate.

Everyone is just as smitten to anything grilled which qualifies teppanyaki as one indulgent comfort food. And why not? It’s inviting and filled with nostalgic elements the moment the grill master carefully whisks the meat and vegetables in thin sauce. Derived from the word “teppan” or iron plate, this side of the buffet is loaded with the following choices: Gyuniko (diced beef tenderloin with vegetable in teppanyaki sauce); Tori (diced chickem with vegetable in teppanyaki sauce); Shake Teppanyaki (teppan salmon fillet with vegetable in special sauce); and Kaisen (mixed seafood with vegetable is sweet and spicy garlic sauce).