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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Chef's Noodle: The Best Tasting Noodles in Korea is Now in the Philippines!

You got it correct! The best tasting noodles in Korea is definitely here in the country! I was one of the lucky few to have experienced the taste of Korea last week at Chef's Noodles first branch located in University Mall, Taft Avenue as yours truly was invited during their soft opening period. It is an ideal place for students around the area to have an instant South Korean fix anytime. Here's the store schedule: Monday-Friday: 10AM-9PM Saturday: 10AM-6PM. Nice to know that they also have one in San Juan City where I reside but it is more of an express outlet excellent for delivery and takeout.To be specific you can find it in Atlanta Center Greenhills.

Chef's Noodle Philippines is a master franchise of the Chef's Noodle brand from South Korea with dishes formulated by Award-Winning Korean Chef, Choi In Sun. He has won many awards and is a known Celebrity Chef in South Korea. I am actually very excited to meet and greet him along with Ms. Grace Lee in their grand opening this coming September 18. 

 The following are a variety of unique and very appealing Korean dishes we sampled that afternoon. . .We started with the dish which the restaurant was named after.- Chef's Noodle!

Chef's Noodle PhP150
It is a signature dish and has long been popular in Korea. Made with Korean fresh noodles with beef broth topped with vegetables, sprouts, fired tofu, kutchay,jun-ya, bulgogi and tamago. This noodle dish can be refilled with broth as much as you can. Good for 2-3 persons.

Starking Fire Sushi PhP160
Sushi rice topped with thinly spiced Australian beef torched and served with special sushi sauce. For the meantime they can only serve four different kinds of sushi and this one garnered the most attention from us. Torching was done in an artfully manner and could give nice feedback from guests because of wowing them.
Kimchi PhP35
When I was still young, I've learn to like this.  This popular Korean side dish is made with fermented cabbage and bell pepper in Korean chili. I appreciate the way Chef Noodles concocted this recipe. Satisfyingly spicy!
Kimchi Bokkumbap PhP130
Spicy Pork Dupbap PhP130
Dehan Dupbap PhP130
Chicken Kas PhP130
Wanja Steak Jun PhP175
Fried Beef Pancake Topped with cheese and egg and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Steak was big and  big in flavor as well. Again, this is good for sharing.
Tofu in Chili Sauce PhP50
Just like kimchi, this one is a filling and healthy dish that goes well with rice. It is actually tofu cooked with kimchi.
Leek Shrimp Twigim PhP99
Deep fried leeks and shrimp in a special tempura batter. I find it too salty for me but you can give it a try.
Bulgogi Kimbap PhP95
Nori-wrapped rice rolls with beef and leeks. This is very very affordable. OMG!
 Japchae PhP130
Traditional Korean glass noodle dish made with sweet potato noodles, also known as dangmyeon, and stir-fried in sesame oil with vegetables and cooked bulgogi.
Jjampong PhP195
You can never go wrong with this big bowl of Korean spicy seafood ramen. Can be ordered mild or Korean spicy. Perfect for cold "ber"months.
Coffee PhP20
I almost got crazy at how budget-friendly their offerings are. Look at this coffee which only cost you twenty bucks and you have the option to choose Regular, French Vanilla and Mocha.
By the way, here's the brand of coffee they are using.
Chef's Noodle's mission is so much accomplished. A big check to provide customers with affordable yet authentic Korean-fusion meals. So foodies out there, if you are craving for noodles, ramen, dumplings, sushi and rice meals at a very modest and low cost yet tummy-filling and healthy Korean fix, you now know where to find them. Have a delightful experience here and you will certainly find yourself to keep on coming back!

University Mall, Unit 07 Second Floor
2507 Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila, Philippines
(02)7089529 / 4050129
Official Website
Facebook Page