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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Yuujin Japanese Cuisine in Wilson Street, San Juan City

Yuujin Japanese Cuisine
Yuujin Japanese Cuisine
Whenever I encounter a Japanese restaurant it always reminds me how they offer great variety of dishes. I've been to numerous types and every experience is worth while. While it is one of the most sought-after cuisines in the metro nowadays since there are a lot of Japanese-inspired formal and quick service restaurants sprouting here and there, this one along Wilson Street in San Juan City, my beloved hometown, prides a friendly neighborhood restaurant where politicians and artists frequent. I noticed this resto's good-looking facade every time I visit my friends who are working at Cardinal Memorial Center but it was just two weeks ago that I finally nailed the place. It is a secluded and private place that has been around for seven years already which owned and operated by wonderfully close-knit group of friends who all did their best to preserve the place which was an old mansion. Actually, they were initially situated  inside the mall then transferred along Connecticut St., still in San Juan, but there were legal issues that needed to be settled so that was the time they finally shifted to where it is presently stood. As a matter of fact, Yuujin Japanese Cuisine was the one which revolutionize the marketable restaurants along Wilson Street. If you leave near the area and we are of same age you can ask your parents about this and they might be of help and give light to this matter.
Yuujin Japanese Cuisine
It has spacious air conditioned dining area with homey ambiance in a way that you will never fell not in a hurry to leave. Adorned with Japanese displays like characters and dolls about every corner.
Yuujin Japanese Cuisine
This restaurant also has outside seating area should you wish to breathe in some fresh air or do your smoking habit. Below is the store hours which you may refer to from time to time. You would notice that they are closed for operation from 3PM to 5:30PM daily as these are their slack hours.
Yuujin Japanese Cuisine
Yuujin Japanese Cuisine They only employ qualified chefs that are experienced competitive.
Yuujin Japanese Cuisine
Fruit Shakes PhP85
For beverages the owners of the place invited us to order any onomimono or beverages we wish to have. For a change, I preferred to have Pineapple Shake while others had Mango Shake, Banana shake and Papaya Shake. At least while waiting for the surefire sumptuous Japanese dishes to arrive we busied ourselves with our chosen drinks.
Yuujin Japanese Cuisine Salmon Skins PhP195 
Each one of us were given  small dish that includes an individual portion of ippinyori or appetizers. It is a ramekin filled with delightful finger food made with salmon skin, onions and dressing.  Accordingto one of the owners, it was deep fried in soy oil with sauce predominantly teriyaki sauce. They actually change their appetizer daily, say for instance squid dilis or whatever the chef comes up with. To me this starter was slightly salty yet uber yummy!

After few minutes these plates of sliced fresh raw seafood arrive. . .
Yuujin Japanese Cuisine
Sashimi Moriawase  Php425
A plate consisting of five kinds of sashimi.
Yuujin Japanese Cuisine Sushi Moriawase Php400
A plate with kinds of assorted sushi.
Yuujin Japanese Cuisine
Crazy Maki PhP270
One of their traditional recipes that every Japanese restaurants cannot exactly copy. It was made with crabtick on top then rolled in tempura flakes. I nearly got crazy over this makimono or mat-rolled sushi. I can't get enough of this one. So deliciously good!
Yuujin Japanese Cuisine Oriental Fried Rice PhP155
 A bowl of rice comprised with egg, pork and vegetables. Gohan at its best!
Yuujin Japanese Cuisine Buta Shoga Yaki  PhP220
It is a type of teppanyaki or a dish cooked on iron sheet with pork slices sauteed in soy sauce and ginger.
Yuujin Japanese Cuisine
 Buta Teppan PhP265
On the other hand, this dish is much like the one above only that is was cooked on iron sheet with sauuteed pork cubes and steak sauce.
Yuujin Japanese Cuisine
Creamy Spicy Salmon Sashimi PhP280 
A platter of sliced fresh raw seafood made from raw salmon with spicy sauce. This is my ultimate favorite among the Japanese  dishes. I love its melt-in-you-mouth-goodness, not to mention its fresh quality.
Yuujin Japanese Cuisine
Creamy Spicy Tuna Sashimi PhP260
A platter of sliced fresh raw seafood made from raw tuna with spicy sauce.
Yuujin Japanese Cuisine Ika Teppan PhP270
 Yup! Those nicely cut pieces of meat are actually sauteed squids. Hence, this dish is another type of teppanyaki made with sauteed squid and vegetables. Went perfectly well with gohan.
Yuujin Japanese Cuisine
Ebi Tempura PhP385
Who would dare resist this so familiar Japanese dish and everybody's apple of an eye in every Japanese meal?  Of course, prawn in tempura batter for everyone. Never to forget to dip it in specialty sauce. Can be ordered in 5 pieces for PhP270 and 3 pieces for PhP185.
Yuujin Japanese Cuisine
Beef Sukiyaki Soup PhP275
Oh how I liked this soup. I was so ecstatic in every spoonful. Had it not been to my fullness, I would have devoured another small soup bowl of this. Made of meat slices and some veggies that are simmered in soy sauce based soup. Sweet and salty.
Yuujin Japanese Cuisine
Hiyashi Soba PhP215
A type of cold noodle that is made from brown egg noodles, pork, egg, omelet slices and vegetables.
Yuujin Japanese Cuisine Vegetarian Roll PhP260
A kind of at-rolled sushi or makimono made of lettuce, mango, cucumber, carrots sided with wasabi.
Yuujin Japanese Cuisine
Tofu Salad PhP245
Made of tofu and vegetables with special Yuujin dressing.
I honestly wasn't able to give a try those last two vegetarian dishes. It was served due to the insistent demand of our strict vegetarian foodie friend. Yes, among the wide array of drool-worthy Japanese dishes, he was able to enjoy those food that are not restricted from his diet. I might give these two a try next tie around :)
Yuujin Japanese Cuisine
Tempura Ice Cream PhP130
What is superfluous dinner without some worthy meal-ender, right? Our group consumed deep-fried ice cream in tempura batter then drizzled with chocolate and  strawberry sauce. Looks very adorable and affordable too! I was so glad to sampled vanilla and ube in tempura batter. What a perfect way to extremely punctuate our mood for good food.
Yuujin Japanese Cuisine
Brewed Coffee PhP60
Since everybody was properly supplied and filled up, most of us opted to try their coffee that allowed to be steeped before indulging.  It was so strong and ideally stimulating. Order for single cup of coffee for PhP45 or refillable for PhP60. So cheap. Most of their old yet regular customers can decide to go here just to have a cup of this coffee and unwind.
Yuujin Japanese Cuisine
Owned and operated by Maeda's Japanese Cuisine, Inc. Thanks to these lovely and humble people for having us!

Now, I can consider this restaurant, Yuujin Japanese Cuisine, as one of the prime Japanese place where meals are truly affordable coupled with huge servings. Truly within one's financial means that you only need to shell out PhP300-500 per head. Here at Yuujin you may be able to gather your friends and love of your life and see how impressive it could possibly get.


221 Wilson, Street Greenhills, San Juan City