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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Rossi Sweet Red Wine: A Different Kind of Sweet from Carlo Rossi

Majority of us even though we live in a tropical country, have learned to imbibe wine. I for one observed how Filipinos embrace having at least a bottle or two of wine, be it red or white, inside the chiller or in the cupboard as a form of celebration during life's worth-celebrating and joyful moments, like passing the board or bar exams, birthdays, New Year, Christmas, graduation or simply having an impromptu chillaxing time with relatives or barkada and so on and so forth. Drinking and having wine around is like a social thing already. In some countries it is actually part of their every meal. 

Just recently, Emperador Distillers, Inc., a well-renowned distillery in the country, launched a new kind of wine that fits the Pinoy gustation which also changes the way we perceive wine-drinking. It transpired at the Gallery, Richmond Hotel in Eastwood City. They call it the Rossi Sweet Red from Carlo Rossi. This brand is known to be a household name when people talk about good and honest wines, perhaps because of its affordability, popularity and unique blend. Carlo Rossi has categorized its brand from Red, White and Pink which mostly were introduced in the year 1962.
Everybody were treated to a spread of buffet prepared to us by a posh hotel. There was a wide array of Asian and American inspired cuisine perfectly matched by the newest addition to Carlo Rossi Wine. The company ideally encourages each and everyone a more fun creative and informal way of consuming wine so there were some relays and trivias that friends from media and guests truly enjoyed. That discovery was so sweet just like the Rossi Sweet Red.
 Well balanced, this light to medium-bodied sweet red wine has flavors of bright red fruits and fresh floral notes with a nice crisp finish. 
This wine is also available in 1.5L, 3.0L and 4.0L. E&J Gallo Winery, the manufacturer of Rossi Sweet Red, is a pioneer in innovating people imbibe wine. Gallo is one of the biggest wine companies in the United States.
Rossi Sweet Red bursts with soft sweet layers of vanilla. bright cherry and wild raspberry flavors, and a velvety soft finish. Our group wondered why the goblet or wine has ice because normally, wines should be treated without ice crystals and must be simply chilled in order to protect its flavor and spirit. It was only that night, we were educated that this newest Carlo Rossi Wine, a Rossi Sweet Red is best enjoyed on ice.
That Rossi Sweet Red is perfect in any occasion and paired with any kind of food even with the desserts I had. A nice yet healthy alternative to iced tea or soft drinks. I am pretty sure that because of this wine's level of sweetness, women will be the key drinkers and consumers of this because ladies prefer sweet liquors most of the time, perhaps because they have more sweet tooth than guys around the globe.
By the way guys, during the luxurious event, luckily my name was called thus, I took home this fragile and long-stemmed Wine Vines goblet to pour in my Carlo Rossi wine with, as everybody went home with a 1-liter bottle of Rossi Sweet Red. What a pleasant way to treat their guest, right?
Enjoy Rossi Sweet Red like we did. Have it on the rocks now! But make sure that you are of legal drinking age before trying this sumptuous wine ^_^ A perfect staple beverage in every celebration.