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Monday, September 03, 2012

SIZE MATTERS: We Like Them BIG (Period)

Hey foodies and burger eaters out there! I'm not sure if you guys have encountered this casual dining place at Shaw Zentrum in Shaw Boulevard, selling the best Flame-Grilled Sausage Burgers that are not just huge in size but big in taste as well at a very affordable price. You are absolutely right, SIZE MATTERS Sausage Burgers now in 500 Shaw Boulevard. This is actually the second time I dine here but this time around with some blogger friends, as the owners invited us for some informal kind of meeting. I came from a job interview that day and though I came in a bit late I was still able to get along with them and strike a conversation with Ms. Marge dela Paz, who happened to be my seatmate that afternoon. She was very accommodating just like the last time I met her some months ago when their store was launched early this year. It was a pure co-incidence that a good friend works for the couple who owns this traditional American style restaurant at their newest branch in Mandaluyong  after closing their business in Quezon City. He works as a Store Supervisor and me and another friend were influenced by him to try their offerings.  Hope you guys were able to check my first-hand experience of SIZE Matters' Gourmet Burgers last July.
Size Matters is not only limited to selling beverages like iced teas, milk shakes, soda, water and coffee but they area allowed to peddle or offer premium alcoholic drinks as well, which you can absolutely have anytime of the day. The chiller near the counter area allows you to choose what's best for your steak, burgers or pasta.
Now, I apologize for not showing you the actual size of each element on my plate and I do not intend to show you  this way.  But of course I'll let you guys know each and every parcel that visibly loaded my very own plate. Hungarian Sausage Link (Php149-6-inch  Php269-12–inch) on the left side is considered a best-seller and originally a 12-inch sausage links made with onions.,tomatoes, mayo on a white bun.  This one is very American in size and highy seasoned as well making every bite a happy one. Buffalo Chicken Wings  (Php149-3pcs  PhP229-5pcs) are quite spicy for me but still bearable and the bleu cheese that comes with it is as naturally strong in taste as those wings making them a perfect match. If you are the type who is so passionate about those two equally unavoided food oozing with so much distinct  flavor then you;ll never go wrong ordering for a plate of Size Matters version of Buffalo Chicken Wings. Carbonara (PhP169), on the other hand, is something that is worth-remembering for a nice pasta dish with hefty portion and generous pieces of mushroom and bacon.
Beef Salpicao
This is newest on their menu line up. Something to look forward to on my next visit. I'm pretty sure this is super perfect with steaming white rice as meat pieces are tender and adobo-like in taste but I love its peppery and garlicky note at the same time and I never mind  this dish without having a sauce. Simply good!
Sausage Lasagna PhP 145
Another house specialty and best-seller! Why not? With its astonishing gustation, I was really taken into a wonderful kind of elation. Oozing with cheese flavor mixed with fantastic taste of sausage and remarkable spices that come form it. Reasonably-priced, big enough for sharing and I'll definitely have this next time.
Chocolate Milkshake (PhP90)
Ordering the same old match for my meal. This milkshake truly rock. As what I've said before, this drink is smooth, creamy and exuding with so much yum up to the last sip. Make sure you try this strictly on your first visit.
Seeing this merchandising material silently propped up beside the cashier station, I never thought that there is such a thing as 14oz drink because I used to hearing or ordering 12oz or 16oz and even 36oz drinks but not fourteen ounces. But for sure this promotion is something already for the mall tenants and Sykes employees, the newest call center company in the building.

By the way, I want you to meet the lovely couple/owners of SIZE MATTERS. . .
Marge Dela Paz
JR Dela Paz
Cookies and Brownies
This restaurant may not have cakes that are to die for but at least they have something sweet to end your meal right. We were allowed to have cookies which I refrigerated when I reached home. It was not too sweet though a little crumbly yet complemented my coffee. I still have to try their brownies which I hope is worth-drooling for.

Size Matters, aside from accepting walk-ins is also open for delivery and caterings. Just send them an email and they will be more than willing to do business with you. Just so you know, this brand is open for franchise already and as per the owners they are expanding little by little by the end of the year and early next year. Wish to have you guys in San Juan!
Team SIZE MATTERS! Thank you for the excellent service and those pretty big smiles! See you ^_^ and make our day again on our succeeding visits.

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