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Friday, September 07, 2012

SMACKED SNACK: MC DONALD'S Twister Fries and Coke McFloat

MC DONALD'S Twister Fries
MC DONALD'S Twister Fries
For sure every ladies and gentlemen, teenagers and oldies out there have already tried this vogue thing when it comes to fries and softdrinks float which is also known to many  as  McDONALD'S Twister Fries and Coke McFloat. Everybody gets crazy over these two fast moving fast food items from a Quick Service Restaurant giant, McDonalds. Bringing back the seasonal and sensational "twister fries" was like a dream come true, particularly to those who are fond of snacking curly fries, when it was officially released last month.
Naturally, my dear friend Ness and I joined the bandwagon ^_^ Who would not? So while we were waiting for a guy friend to arrive at our planned time and location at Resorts World, Newport City about two weeks ago, we decided to grab a quick bite of this combo hit snack which is presently the talk of the town. Others kept mum on the said potato curly snack while some described it were somehow exaggerating to get attention. So, is Twister Fries just a hype or what? We purposefully find it out.

MC DONALD'S Twister Fries Twister Fries PhP60 a la carte
Coke McFloat
Coke McFloat  PhP25 a la carte 

We ordered two combo meals which cost us PhP75 each. Not bad for a light and filling snack. Downside was that the expected 'golden crunchy twister fries' or 'slightly toasted' appearance and texture did not match its product description, though yes they were all crunchy and tasty. It was a nice McFloat match indeed! 

McDonald's only sells twister fries for a limited period each year that makes snackers and foodies like me miss it big time when promotion is curtailed; and when it returns and relaunches, it is still very much in demand and embraced by many. Good thing that McFloat has been present for a long time now and a fixed part of the regular menu. Moreover, why can't they come up with a 'monster' or 'biggie' version of this twister fries? And how come McFloat has monster size but Twister Fries does not have? I can almost see that it will be super duper marketable and saleable should they have one in the near future. Watchatink?!

And were you informed of the twist about this McDonald's Twister Fries? Yeah you are right, as this delicious snack will be staying on for another 3 weeks as announced last August 24. That goes to show we still have more time to enjoy this curly edible thing. Perhaps, you are among those netizens who clamored for its extension and used the hast tag #extendtwisterfries. Oh well, how could McDo afford not to heed the plead, right? So go on and have a smacked snack until Sept 16, Sunday! Have a twist of fortune with Twister Fries!

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