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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Learning Art, Astrology & Crystology with Juno Parungao and JIV Manila Art Group

Art, Astrology & Crystology with Juno Parungao and JIV Manila Art Group
A few weeks back, I attended a very rare three-part seminar workshop tackling art, astrology and crystology at U-View Basement Theater, Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street. Though it fall on Sunday, I made it a point to be present on a different kind of opportunity and honestly speaking I was head over heels for this thing. I have learned to appreciate things about Astrology and Crystology because I was greatly influenced by my bestfriend. How I wished she was with me that afternoon so that she can also raise her unending and bothering questions. But you know what, with all these years our friendship bloomed  into a different kind of level because she taught me how to be happier and better understand other people because of her knowledge of the Moon Sign, otherwise known as the Sign of the Zodiac. She can smartly interpret your personality mainly because of your birth sign and symbol or facial features due to her fondness of reading books about Astrology (particularly Chinese Astrology since she is Chinoy) and Crystology and stuff I did not know have great impact to our lives. That is why I am very very grateful to Ms. Vance for allowing me to take part in this seminar-workshop. In that way, I have also learned some new things I never knew existed and imparted some of my insights and knowledge to her that I've extracted from a 3-hour long episode. Because, just like my BFF, I'm a sucker for Astrology!!!
Anyhow, the event was spearheaded by Ms. Juno Parungao, a well-known maker of astrological portraits, portal paintings and after-crystal paintings seen in various galleries in the metro. And from what I understood she is the pioneer here in our country. She also happened to be a college professor and confidante of our blogger friend, Ms. Vance.
Art, Astrology & Crystology with Juno Parungao and JIV Manila Art Group
These are Astro-portraits or Astrological portraits. I've heard hollywood stars and even popular politicians have this within the confines of their own home and I seriously  need one anytime soon. This kind of portrait is believed to be a blueprint of your personality or could be treated as a personal picture based on your birth date using  Real Solar Zodiac astrology. Hope you guys are still with me :) When you say Real Solar Zodiac astrology, based on my research it means "true position of the Sun, Moon and the planets against the night sky in any given time."  I wonder how mine would appear?
Art, Astrology & Crystology with Juno Parungao and JIV Manila Art Group
Ms. Juno Parungao and samples of her work. You might want to contact her and have your own personalized Astrological portrait done. Remember that she is a psychologist, astrologer, crystologist, educator, scholar, painter, and a lover of colors and scents; and I'm sure you can never go wrong with her. She's actually one of the most-sought after person in her field, thus, credible enough to believe and be an inspiration. 

Behold these Astrological Portraits. Only the creator could interpret them for you. I'm excited to have one already. Please, fate...make it sooooon!!!!!!! ^_^ Each portrait is carefully thought through and could actually take 10 or more hours to accomplish depending on some personal circumstances. And payment terms or condition is negotiable but we are talking thousands of pesos here. And sure enough, to create one it needed great deal of intellectual effort, intuition and knowledge. Like you, I've always been hungry for information if something interests me.
Art, Astrology & Crystology with Juno Parungao and JIV Manila Art Group
Art, Astrology & Crystology with Juno Parungao and JIV Manila Art Group
Art, Astrology & Crystology with Juno Parungao and JIV Manila Art Group
Art, Astrology & Crystology with Juno Parungao and JIV Manila Art Group
Art, Astrology & Crystology with Juno Parungao and JIV Manila Art Group

So much for art and portraits, let me share you now some useful excerpts I got from her brief lecture. I have them outlined for you ^_^ Some are mind-boggling or hard to comprehend, just remember that we are all entitled to our own opinion.

"The very key to the connection you are seeking ,lies in the fact that we are all one; hence the term UNIVERSE."

I. The mystic ways of using crystals are dismissed by modern science as superstition yet science recognizes the unique properties of crystals. Examples are: wrist watches are made of quarts; automobile spark plugs made of kyanite; medical lasers uses ruby; space shuttle windows made of sapphire etc.
II. Crystals can receive energy; store energy; release energy; reflect, refract, and magnify energy; balance and harmonize energy; organize energy; and tune in to energy from other sources.
III. Aside from being a fad today, crystals have had been here before us and in them the energies of our planet are encapsulated.
IV. Crystals may be the ultimate physical beings. They are most structured, systematic, logically organized than practically any other object in the natural world and yet they seem to reflecta spiritual existence. They literally look like spirit in physical form.
Art, Astrology & Crystology with Juno Parungao and JIV Manila Art Group V. History: The earliest archeological evidence of man's use of crystals comes not from Egypt but from the biblical City of Ur of the Chaldees. The crystals were set into jewelry like the ones found in the Sumerian Queen Pu-abi. Babylonian writings concerning the relationship between certain crystals and the planets were also found. Mercury is linked to Agate; Venus to Emerald; Mars to Ruby; Saturn to Sapphire. In Egypt, the healing properties of crystals were accounted for in an ancient papyrus from the time of the Middle Kingdom (2040-1730BC). There was already widespread use of carnelian, garnet, amethyst, turquoise, lapis lazuli and green feldspan.
VI. In the ancient times the zodiac signs have been associated with certain parts of the human body. In this way each person becomes a tiny version of  the universe. The 7 main chakras in the human body are located at the crown (Clear Quartz); the forehead/third eye(Amethyst); the throat (Sodalite); the heart (Rose Quartz); the solar plexus (Citrine); the belly (Carnelian) and at the base of the trunk or root (Hematite).
VII. Because the chakras resonate with the 7 colors of the rainbow, the colors of the crystals can determine very simply which chakras they are most attuned to.
Art, Astrology & Crystology with Juno Parungao and JIV Manila Art Group
After Ms. Juno's workshop, all the participants had a free tarot-reading sessions for about half an hour. Naturally, I won't be disclosing the result of my reading but most of what the astrologer told me coincide with my present situation. The astrologers who were with us that afternoon are not self-proclaimed ones as they have studied the science behind tarot card reading and astrology.

After the event my blogger friend and I bought our personal stone that is best for us. Well, there is no harm in having one, right? After all, we are the makers of our own destiny.

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