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Monday, September 03, 2012

Marriott Cafe Sizzles with its Newest Teppanyaki Station

Marriott Cafe Sizzles with its Newest Teppanyaki Station

From sushi to sashimi to anything in between, Japanese is one cuisine that is incomparable to anywhere in the world--they’re tasty and offer large variety of dishes and regional specialties. Since Marriott Café come to terms with the fact that Japan will be forever loved for its culinary offerings with a classic appeal, the restaurant is adding a teppanyaki station for buffet dinner still at P1750 net, grilling only the freshest and meaty choices of seafood, fish, beef, pork, and chicken. If you’re in the mood to get filled with something like this, look no further than Marriott Cafe as executive chef Meik Brammer makes everything tastier and satisfying in all aspects from the grill to the plate.

Everyone is just as smitten to anything grilled which qualifies teppanyaki as one indulgent comfort food. And why not? It’s inviting and filled with nostalgic elements the moment the grill master carefully whisks the meat and vegetables in thin sauce. Derived from the word “teppan” or iron plate, this side of the buffet is loaded with the following choices: Gyuniko (diced beef tenderloin with vegetable in teppanyaki sauce); Tori (diced chickem with vegetable in teppanyaki sauce); Shake Teppanyaki (teppan salmon fillet with vegetable in special sauce); and Kaisen (mixed seafood with vegetable is sweet and spicy garlic sauce).
Marriott Cafe Sizzles with its Newest Teppanyaki Station
Photo courtesy of Marriott Cafe
If visiting for the first time, the gorgeously marbled diced beef tenderloin US choice is the ultimate piece de resistance for its sophisticated quality. Soft, full of intense flavor, and laden with a special teppanyaki sauce, it’s a consistent choice of every meat lover whether its medium rare or well done. And if craving for a combo of something lightly peppered with natural saltiness, kaisen is sure to hit the right spots of anyone’s taste buds from the shrimps, tuna, salmon, and squid. Match everything with your choice of vegetables such as beansprout, cabbage, carrot, green bell pepper, white onion, zucchini, red bell pepper or celery which not only taste great, they’re also packed with flavors. You can convert it to a complete meal too by adding rice whipped up with meat sauce and spices, where in the mixing results to an aromatic golden brown color.

Although there’s no really a secret ingredient when it comes to teppanyaki, the meat, sauces, and a precise hand in seasoning will spike just about anything from the interest to experience. And executive chef Meik understands this, so he made sure that every mouthful leaves anyone happy by having a devoted and an expert teppan chef preparing the ingredients fresh, hot, and fast while keeping in mind the entertaining aspect of the station.

While Teppanyaki is the new star section of Marriott Café, the thoughtful daily dinner menu in the buffet from appetizer to dessert can never be left behind in its execution—leaving the choices and great memories almost endless!

For inquiries or reservations, call Marriott Café at 988-9999.