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Saturday, July 21, 2012

SIZE MATTERS Sausage Burgers now in 500 Shaw Boulevard

I first encountered SIZE MATTERS in Tomas Morato last year but  is now closed, causing them to transfer at 500 Shaw boulevard in Mandaluyong early this year, I think it was last May when they had the soft opening. My friend is currently working here which was the main reason why we met one night and try some of their to-die for and interesting offerings. His boss, Ms. Marge de la Paz was there that time and we had some chit chat about the food and the ambiance. She's so nice, cheerful, friendly and welcoming. 

You cannot easily see this  burger joint if you pass by Shaw boulevard because it is situated inside the newly-constructed building at the first floor level. The restaurant opens as early as 10AM and closes at 11PM but they are open for business until 1AM for Fridays and Saturdays. The area chosen by the owners was good as one call center company will soon open which will certainly make them more marketable even if not that conspicuous from the main road.

The first thing that popped up my mind when we were seated and while chatting over with my friend Kath was the possibility of doing the fastest burger eating contest here and be considered in the Hall of Fame of SIZE MATTERS. When Ms. Marge approached us I did not hesitate to ask about it and according to her they are still considering that idea  in the future. Something that they made before that earned them a huge fan base. Right now if you guys noticed SIZE MATTERS is in tie up with different group buying sites like that of Cash Cash Pinoy and Big Deals. If you are fond of vouchers you definitely have observed it too! :)
SIZE MATTERS Sausage Burger Menu
SIZE MATTERS Sausage Burger Menu
SIZE MATTERS Sausage Burger Menu
SIZE MATTERS Sausage Burger Menu
SIZE MATTERS is a self-service type of restaurant. As a customer you have to line up and go to thw counter area and pay for your orders. But since they want your burgers to be served warm and fresh, you need not have to wait for your orders at the counter area as they prefer a system called cook-to-order. Flame-Grilled Sausages, Burgers, and Beer are the core items of the menu. Try to check it again ^_^
Size Matters Sausage Burgers Four Seasons and Chocolate Milkshake
Four Seasons (PhP 80) and Chocolate Milkshake (PhP90)
Did you notice something?
SIZE MATTERS Sausage Burgers Four Seasons
SIZE MATTERS Sausage Burgers Chocolate Milkshake
These beverages were the first thing that landed our table. We are just a group of three but we only ordered two drinks because as you can see the Four Seasons drink was really really huge. It is 36oz and could fed 2-3 persons.  When you order a meal you could actually have the option to upsize it as big as this one by paying only PhP40 and I think your fries could be upgraded too with that kind of promo. Not that bad and obviously worth it. Chocolate Milkshake which was my personal drink that nobody cared to ask and try was  so smooth and creamy that I can live with this drink again when I visit this burger joint in the future. Extreme yumminess up to the last sip.
What landed next on our table is a plate of cutleries. I could eat my burger using my bare hands so no need for this actually. But since we wanted to taste each other's selected burger, we honestly have to make use of these forks and kinves :)
SIZE MATTERS Chili Cheese Fries
Chili Cheese Fries (PhP 179)
Again we are just three in a group but we did not manage to finish this plate, not because we did no like it but because it was really hefty is size. Chili flavor was really evident and the cheese on top was so mouthwatering as they are melted to perfection. Cheese and chili combination . . .awesome!
SIZE MATTERS Gourmet Burgers
We ordered these Gourmet Burgers. I'm telling you, they are worth-ordering for. Get to know them better so scroll down please. And hey, I can't help but smile secretly upon knowing their names or their burger's abbreviation. My friends made me realize about that cool thing and I sure hope you'll notice it too. Something candid and unique for a burger name. LOL!
But wait, make sure that these three are on your table before biting your burgers okay. They are absolutely necessary. Enjoy!
SIZE MATTERS  Italian Burger Job
The I.B.J.
Italian Burger Job is made with Italian sausage patty, caramelized onions, Monterey Jack, garlic cream cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, all in an oat bun. This one was bursting with flavor. I love its juicy patty which to me has no extenders (hope I'm right about this). Slightly sour in taste but will whet your appetite. My beau has to try this.
SIZE MATTERS Breakfast In Bed
The B.I.B 
Breakfast In Bed is made with breakfast sausage patty,fried egg, bacon, American Cheddar cheese, lettuce, onion, mayonnaise and tomatoes sandwiched in an english muffin. At first glance, I thought that the bun used was as inverted crown of the bun or both heel was used for this burger, only to realize in the description that it was english muffin. As expected the muffin used was soft and tasty and even made more tastier with the assorted ingredients that spells a real breakfast meal in a gourmet burger. My personal order and it never failed me. 
SIZE MATTERS Don Pepperoni
The D.P.
Don Pepperoni is made with Pepperoni Sausage patty, garlic, mushrooms, Provolone cheese, lettuce, onions, tomato and mayonnaise in a freshly toasted Oatmeal bun. You need to use the tomato catsup, yellow mustard and Size Mattter's formulated dressing to make this burger more lively to eat as eating this alone won't make you any happier. But I would like to comment the oat-laden bun for a healthier alternative. It looks good and will make you feel good too when you see your burger a little fiber-enriched with this type of bun.
SIZE MATTERS Take Out Paper Bag
Left overs must be take out :) 'Til we meet again SIZE MATTERS! Now you really matter to me! Your gourmet burger names are really funny and I enjoyed tasting them. Three down, one more --The B.S.B :) If you are looking for a cozy, little burger joint, you gotta have to try this. Fresh place. Sincere staffs. They have fast internet connection too.

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