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Monday, July 23, 2012

DRUM TAO: Art of Drum Tour in Manila

I was so fortunate to be with good set of friends last rainy night of July 19, Thursday and finally witness the ultimate sensation from Japan - DRUM TAO. I was meaning too see such a spectacular Japanese martial arts and drum-playing extraordinares because not only it is well-renowned but also the first in Manila. Oh how could I afford to miss this? Thanks to an angel who made this possible. You know who you are. She got tickets for us worth PhP4500 each and  had the best seat that night - we were seated at the VIP section and almost face to face with the performers. Truly mesmerizing and captivating. I can't help but be smile and be glued to thee two-hour choreography and join the spectators in clapping while the Japanese performers encourage everybody to participate in some of the scenes. Too bad we were not allowed to take photos or any form of recording during the event but I managed to have some as the extravaganza near its end. I took snapshots because that's what everybody is doing that time, which I guess is allowed already.

DRUM TAO was shown at the Newport Performing Arts Theater last July 12-22, 2012 and sponsored by Travelife which obviously gained an A rating because of its excellent execution. Truly impressive that I want to watch them over and over again until I memorize the sequence! If you missed the chance, worry no more because according to my friend (a very reliable source) DRUM TAO will be back this coming September at Waterfront Hotel Cebu for only two shows. So for those who would love to catch them LIVE for the first time or for the nth time you still have more time to prepare. It was officially announced by  Establish Events so it is a big big YAY!