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Friday, July 20, 2012

FOLLOW the Latest Trends on TV

Solar Entertainment's 2nd Avenue channel
Abreast with the latest trends nowadays? Well there is something that will help us keep us on the loop as there will be a new TV show that we have to look forward to every weekday. The name of the show is FOLLOW. A word or a  verb which means "come after". It is a lifestyle program that specifically target the Manila's top tier, A-class and aspirants wherein it will feature  where we eat, what we wear, where we shop, what we listen to and so on and so forth - in other words, the people we follow. This will air on Solar Entertainment's 2nd Avenue channel which I am sure majority of us know. It will start on Monday July 30, 2012 at 6PM. Regular airings will be from Mondays to Fridays at 6PM, 8PM, 8AM, and 2PM. Switch your channel no watch this show full of information about the vogue nowadays.

Solar Entertainment's 2nd Avenue channel
FOLLOW is created by Philip K. Abadicio and produced by the media company he spearheads, StyleRPA. The acronym stands for “Real, Personal & All-that Style.” He further explains, 
“The TV show chronicles the people who influence our lifestyle choices—fashion, food, arts, music, design, gadgets, etc—and thus, the people we FOLLOW.”
Guests of the initial episodes include interior designer Nix Alanon, international web designer Christian San Jose, Balik Bukid’s Hindy Weber-Tantoco, gay rights advocate Divine Lee, food market proponent RJ Ledesma and home accessories designer Daphne Oseña-Paez.

Solar Entertainment's 2nd Avenue channel
FOLLOW’S premise lies on how we accrue knowledge. Today’s society operates at breakneck speed and thus, traditional forms of gathering knowledge are rapidly becoming obsolete. More often than not, the internet spews out breaking news ahead of the rest and most of us access this thru our social media accounts. On the internet, information leaks out faster than the speed of light. Therefore, movers and shakers of society and industry have caught on the trend and have learned how to influence society through Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts. In order to get your hands on the latest information, and to stay abreast of the latest news, trends and occurrences around the Metro, all you have to do is to subscribe, like or FOLLOW.

                 Solar Entertainment's 2nd Avenue channel
So who will host FOLLOW? who else but the beautiful and classy Mandy dela Rama-Santos . As a style sophisticate, entrepreneur and owner of Tarte Tatin children’s attire, mother and wife, Mandy is the perfect person to guide the show. Her imposing persona, charismatic attitude and glamorous demeanor plus her wide network make for a magnetic host that’s guaranteed to grab your attention—in a way that is elegant, friendly and believable. 

So hold on to your social networking sites; FOLLOW will grab your life and catapult it to faster speeds than ever before! To access everything new and hip and cool, the method is simple. Simply FOLLOW the show and Mandy dela Rama-Santos will keep you informed. By the way, here's the pilot episode ^_^ Enjoy viewing.


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