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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

EL BUONO PIZZA is Asia's Finest & World's Biggest Pizza

Did you ever wonder where to find the world's biggest pizza? Perhaps you have encountered the name  already as this pizzeria is famous for being the Asia's Finest and World's Biggest Pizza.  EL BUONO PIZZA, as a matter of fact, is the only pizzeria in the world to serve and deliver a 65-inch pizza in whole. I first learned about this while my friend and I were scouting for dishes and big pizzas early this year for her birthday, we visited one of their branches along Wilson Street in San Juan City. I was so overjoyed to have actually sunk my teeth into some of their specialties and had an opportunity to meet the people behind this name. Thanks to OpenRice Philippines for having invited me to another great and one-of-a-kind Eat's a Date event  in the food capital of Quezon City, where else but Tomas Morato.

This is the flagship store of EL BUONO PIZZA in Quezon City where you can find delectable menu of supersize fare. Soft opening of this branch happened last March of this year. Just like everybody else in food business, this pizza parlor started out as a small and humble store in Mandaluyong City. Maybe some of you could recall the place as it was just founded in 2008 by three culinary enthusiasts namely Laura Murayaa, Timothy Sarvida and Sam Faj Calaca. 

Being the flagship store, it is indeed the biggest and decorative of all branches. Everybody is assured of having one of their best pizza moments most especially with big groups. Guess why the owners chose to open this branch in Quezon City area? As per chef Timothy, this is because by moving to  Tomas Morato, El Buono Pizza hope to be more accessible to their customers who happen to be composed of television crews, local celebrities and staffs of local government offices in the vicinity. He himself is a local celebrity who belong to a band and is currently the lead vocalist. Featured in several local television shows and publications for something that is of world class and truly hefty creation. 

Pizza boxes for supersize pizzas. A big SMILE for this! Always perfect offering  during birthdays and parties. Would love to have one one my birthday ^_^

For me, this is the nicest area of the pizzeria, I always like the combination of red and black. Well it is pretty obvious in my blog logo *wink* The chessboard like pattern from the floor at one corner and the table where our group was seated is exceptional. This venue is impressively big and suit anyone's gathering. Your beer buddy could turn out to be your beer pong buddy eventually. A drinking game popular among college students.  Check our beer pong experience here with Mr. Lance himself as our tutor/coach. Never leave the place without playing such a cool game. Promise you'll enjoy.

4 Flavors Celebrity 36" El Buono Pizza (PhP 1988)
You are an instant celebrity and a famous star for your friends when you treat them as something hefty as this one. Pizza is everybody's favorite - you, me, your cousins and best friend could eat pizza so I am sure this is an instant hit when you order this. . Just the same way we reacted when this huge pizza settled down on our neighboring table. Of course, picture here and there, flashes and striking a pose became next to normal activity. However, ordering or seeing a 65" pizza is another story. For sure everybody around you will get excited with its size and variety of flavors. El Buono Pizza also sells a 5 Star Celebrity 36" Pizza that is being peddled for PhP2488 and could also  feed 20-30 people. Not bad at all. It has different set of flavors composed of which are known to be the four best sellers - El Buono Special, La Carne, II Italiano, and  II Salami Picante. 

Mr Timothy Joel 'Lance' Sarvida and his masterpiece.  He is currently the Vice President and Product Developer of El Buono Pizza and the one who warmly accommodated us for the mini event. He shared lots of stories about the company and some of the people who helped him along the road of his success.

This 36" pizza he was gripping was made with four different toppings namely: El Buono Special, II Hawaii, Margherita, and Le Verdure. Without any pretension, I liked everything inside the box. Yes all of the flavors I grabbed and feed my hungry stomach were all delicious. Served warm and pre-cut already in bite size pieces for pizza aficionados to enjoy. I would like to take note the fresh from the oven quality which they are very consistent about as they are committed to deliver only the best not just in size but in taste too.Toppings were well-done and portioned properly because you never lose the flavor in every bite. Consistently delicious whatever the flavor may be. El Buono Special was made with mozzarella cheese, special cheese, signature sauce, pepperoni, ham, ground beef, bell pepper, onion, pineapple, black olives, herbs and spices. II Hawaii was made with mozzarella cheese, special cheese, signature sauce, ham, pineapple. Margherita, on the other hand, was concocted with mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, signature sauce, fresh tomato, fresh basil, herbs and spices. Le Verdure, however, was also made with mozzarella cheese, special cheese and signature sauce but added with bell pepper, onion, tomato, corn and black olives. Each pizza variant is being sold with different size choices from 10 inches, 12 inches, 22 inches to as big as 24 inches.

Southern Fried Chicken and Spaghetti Bolognese
This plate which they normally call a Group Platter Treat is ideally composed of with this chicken and pasta plus either one of the following: a slice of pizza,  steamed rice+coleslaw+glass of iced tea, or garlic bread/french fries+glass of iced tea.Price ranges from PhP145 to PhP155. Chicken tasted simply done for me like the one that can be cooked in our own kitchen, nothing much special about it but the pasta bolognese captured my palate. So it somehow balanced the overall taste and flavor that must be present in the plate.

Flower Vase Iced Tea (PhP 55)
They look colorful together and taste almost the same. For the price it is okay considering that you are already drinking like one liter beverage. 

Beside chef Lance is a big and bulky container for his another famous concoction of big food item called Parfait Everest which will cost you P2,200. It is a generous mix of wafer sticks, marshmallows, whip cream, choco syrup, mangoes and strawberries. We were not able to taste it so we have to discover it ourselves. It is so big so I guess a group of 10 is needed to conquer the such a mountainous dessert.

This branch is open 24 hours so I think I will be visiting this place more often now that I know that such a great place filled with enormous delectable food items exist. Not only that, I could also catch an acoustic band here at night. Something to look forward to especially on weekend nights. You can find other branches of El Buono Pizza at 500 Boni Ave. cor San Rafael St., Mandaluyong City, Makati Cinema Square and 154 Aguirre St., BF Homes, Paranaque.

#61 Scout Rallos Street corner Tomas Morato
Quezon City, Philippines