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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Beer Pong at El Buono Pizza Tomas Morato

This beer pong table is so cool as it is already equipped with auto ball washer that you can easily turn on and off each time you have to wash the plastic ball (for sanitation purposes).
Does anybody here knows how to play BEER PONG? To me it is just like playing Ping Pong or a table tennis only that at Beer Pong an alcoholic drink is very much involved plus  you have to use your hands instead of a paddle. With my fellow foodies, bloggers and OpenRicers, we were taught how to play this drinking game by chef Lance because the said full of fun game is available 24 hours every single day. By the way, he is one of the owners of EL BUONO PIZZA who apparently mastered the game. We were so engrossed into listening to his every words as he trains and coaches us the gist of the game. Everybody were so active, five of us played the game including me who substituted Ms. Aleah in the middle of the game. However, others remained actively participating by cheering their respective bet.  

Chef Lance readying the team of Khaezel and Brian to a drinking game, filling the plastic cups with San Mig light just an inch as we do not intend to finish the first set drunk. Hahaha. I was listening attentively to the rules of the game. He explained to  us that  you can start playing Beer Pong which others call as Beirut with teams of two or one-on-one. For a more exciting game that night it was two foodies vs. another team of two foodies. 

First, you have to set up several 16 oz plastic cups just like what chef Lance did which very well emulated by Eugene. It is up to the players if they want it half-filled or not. 1/6 of the cup will do for that moment. Arrange the plastic cups into 6-cup triangle at each end of the table. Well you have the option to choose 10-cup triangle for a more challenging match. It is group's call. 

Next is to determine whose team goes first. It is Team Eugene & Aleah vs. Team Khaezel & Brian. Guess who won the beirut? Too early to guess. But Khaezel and Brian went first to throw the balls in the cups.  It is but important to remember that as one team throws the ball across the length of the table, make sure to throw two balls in every turn and shoot it nicely if not perfectly into the cups of your opponent. This has to be the ultimate goal of your partner as well. Bouncing the ball off the table is allowed or could just shoot it in projectile motion but your opponent could swat or catch the ball given the opportunity. Actually, there are three kinds of shot: air shot (my favorite), fastball and bounce shot. One needs to be skillful and not just lucky to be able to bring home the bacon. Formulating tactics with your beer pong buddy as you play will help you win so communication with  concentration is a must.  

Drink up just like them! In short, these guys lose the game.  If the ball landed successfully in the cup of the opponent then they have to drink it. It is either of the three situations: a lobbed ball that surely lands the cup is worth 1 drink; a bounced ball is worth 2 drinks; and if two balls successfully landed in the same cup, that means 3 drinks. Playing this Beer Pong that I first encountered that night was full of fun, challenges and surprises. Though Eugene, Aleah and I won, everybody still needs a lot of practice and patience to master the game. More booze next time because for sure I'll be seeing this place again not just because of the beirut party availability but moreso of the gigantic offerings that this place is proud to have. See you El Buono Pizza!!!

#61 Scout Rallos Street corner Tomas Morato
Quezon City, Philippine