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Sunday, July 01, 2012

PAIRE Cocktails and Pastries

I was here at  PAIRE Cocktails and Pastries restaurant last Sunday to meet up with my college friend for a brief discussion of the third run of their group's Be My Neighbor Program, a program about real estate investing. I wasn't able to join the group for a long period of time since Glecie and I have some important talk to work with. I instantly appreciate the place the very  first time I saw it online being advertised by a group buying site. I was really meaning to pay this place a visit with my girlfriends and it was so timely that this college friend of mine swayed me and successfully made me listen to her even just for a while. Well that night was an opportune time too to do some ocular inspection  so that the next time I'll dine here with my friends I know what to expect, because at times real life scenes are not at par with online photos or press release. Here's my experience of this simple dining place located at the same building as Cocoon Hotel.  But pardon me for some low light pictures as the atmosphere or mood lightning for the event affects my shots. 

Bar area will greet you first the moment you enter the place. Function is on going this time, hence the waiters and the dining area was set up that suits the gathering.
Colorful chairs had me at hello :) They are really nice-looking even at dim light. Very unique and classy. Reminds me of stools at school in my grade school years only that at Paire they were made differently and abounding in colors. Wish to see then in original position soon.

Antique clock sets a different vibe for the place.

Refreshing iced tea with orange twist quenched my thirst after I finally arrived at about 7PM coming from Tomas Morato on foot. How I love walking.
Hors d'oeuvres and desserts which my my friend picked for me as I was too shy to go to the buffet island and choose from the vast selection. Those three bite-sized appetizers made with tuna flakes and veggies were flavorful so are those desserts placed in a ceramic soup spoon that may be cute in size but really awesome in taste. They were actually thin slices of macaroons topped with cream and slice of cherry.

Chicken Pesto Sandwich (PhP 180)
Potato chips that matched the sandwich were of good quality but I could barely taste the pesto in the chicken sandwich as it seemed minimal for me. The sandwich was filling enough to satisfy one's not-so-hungry state.

Should I visit this place in the future? Definitely yes! I cannot afford not to try their Pairings and the cocktails all-you-can. By the way, PAIRE Cocktails and Pastries is open everyday from 11:00am to 11:00pm and until 1am on weekends. Very promising to be your next cocktail party venue. See you there!

PAIRE Cocktails and Pastries 
Unit 1B G/F Cocoon Boutique Hotel
Sct. Tobias cor. Sct. Rallos
Quezon City 1103

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