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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Tutuban Commercial Center: Back-to-School Challenge

Yay! I was selected to be one of the lucky five participants for the 2nd wave of Tutuban Commercial Center Back-to-School Challenge happened last Monday. I wasn't really expecting such an exciting invitation and superb activity as I was not aware that there would be a next wave.  This is in time for the official  opening of classes tomorrow and in that case we were being prepared for that through a little FREE Shopping experience! How's that appeal to you? Thanks to Mr. Richard Mamuyac for letting me experience one of the most unforgettable shopping experience with my co-bloggers. I owe you this opportunity. It happened at past 3PM and we assembled at  the Ad & PR office of Tutuban Center which is kinda tricky to place that Ness and I needed to ask a few strangers along the way to be able to make it on time. Though I am very much exposed to this area since my mother is a fond marketer and shopaholic at Divi and Tutuban especially before christmas holidays set in, I am still quite baffled of the too many outskirts surrounding the very popular and thick-crowded place. Reminding me that this is exactly where the ultimate Pinoy Shopping experience is.

It is nice to be back here at Tutuban Commercial Center!  Wide variety of merchandise and novelty items  await us. But we have to stick with the rule - it has to be a back to school challenge. No more, no less  ^_^

Each of us were given a budget of P1,000 that we will use to purchase school supplies within TCC alone. That means we cannot buy anything outside the establishment. Not bad huh! even if it is a notch cheaper outside the center but at least less haggling and crowding inside plus the fact that TCC is fully  air conditioned. We were given a freewill to strike anywhere and whether we consume the 1000 bill or not. It was pretty challenging though because at Php100 I thought you could buy numerous school supplies already but things have changed and prices skyrocketed on some basic school needs. Thus, one must be wise in choosing which is a need or just a want. By the way, all the supplies I shopped were given to my beloved three younger cousins James, Joshua and Jabez who are in their elementary level and needless to say, consistent honor students. I am the youngest among the four siblings yet considered an Ate to my first cousins hence, I'd rather donate it to them for their schooling needs.  I always believe in the mantra, "It is always better to give than to receive"

We were toured for a while before taking up the challenge seriously. Here are some of the places we went - some on sale, some not. Whether you are a mom, sister, aunt or a persevering cousin like me,you will certainly took the challenge with a grateful heart.
Photo courtesy of TCC
One of the first great finds we saw was this store peddling all kinds of school uniforms. They are ready to wear so make sure you know the right fit whom you are buying these uniforms for.

Photo courtesy of TCC
Shoes of all sorts - school shoes, rubber shoes for P.E, sneakers etc. 

Bags  of different sizes, shapes and designs for cute little boy and girl students.

Papermart. The store where the five of us surprisingly encountered each other after getting to know the center a little further. A common denominator in our shopping challenge perhaps. Aside from National Bookstore, Papermart  is the only one stop shop  which could cater our shopping needs and challenge that moment. It has a lot of irresistible packages that will surely count in your list, low-priced and of good quality. But to tell you honestly, I was tempted to buy outside where there are more chances of buying in bulk but then I have to stick with the rule that is why it is called a challenge. Otherwise the said challenge would be defeated. Whew!

Packages to choose from :)

Photo courtesy of TCC
Bam and Ness. First to finish the challenge. The bookstore was a bit crowded so it took us almost two hours to finish everything - from choosing to total purchasing.

Photo courtesy of TCC
Third to finish and waiting for bubbly bloggers Sohia and Michelle. So it was me and my TCC reusable and  earth-friendly shopping bag! Thumbs up for such a fun, exhausting and challenging yet satisfying free shopping experience only by Tutuban Commercial Center. If you are a bargain hunter like me I am sure you'll love this place no matter how crowded, hustle even hassle and more so bustle it may be. 

Here's what I bought which amounted to PhP800 +++ The change went to my transportation to and from the place and a simple snack too.  

My uncle picked up the shopping bag filled with school supplies just the other day. He was too happy to receive it for my cute and bright little cousins. Such a great blessing.

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