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Thursday, May 31, 2012

KOHL Revealed

Fond of hand rubbing? Better check this out...

Given these KOHL promising products, the next best thing to do is to try and test them myself before sharing them with my loved ones. So let's get it on!

As soon as I got home from a simple gathering happened somewhere in Ortigas, I excitedly attach the Puregel hand sanitizer to the body bag of my mother, which I sometimes borrowed. I just wanna surprise her with this cute sanitizer with patented rubber holders that we can share together. The scent is Frost Berry  which smells so chic and feminine good enough to last for 3 weeks I surmise. Since it was indicated that it is made with 68% ethyl alcohol, rubbing small amount into my hands will do the trick in making my hands as clean and sweet smelling as possible. Other variants include: Crisp Apple Bite, Floral Paradise, Lemon Meringue, Raspberry and Spring Breeze.

Of Puregel's same size is Bactigel which has a tagline that captured my heart...'The Clear Standard in Hand Sanitizers'  What is so positive about this is ts highest alcohol content pf 68%, no superficial additive which means that it is clearly a pure disinfectant and moreover, it is not sticky even after several applications. There are lots of point of comparison for these two small bottles. First, the ones we see in bangketa. You know what I mean- they have the same color, packaging and fancy outfits but what separates them  from Kohl's Bactigel and Puregel is the quality of consistency and level of effectiveness. So don;t be blinded with duplicates, always buy original. In the long run who will suffer? I bet you know the answer. I am just wondering if when will Kohl Industries Corporation come up with a big bottle for Bactigel and Puregel in order to refill the smaller bottles. I would love the idea should they want to pursue on what intend them to do . Because to me it is better to buy in bulk than to buy, store and then waste so many smaller bottles. 

Of all the disinfectant I have sampled on, what is closest to mine is the Puremist - Frost Berry! First, I like the idea of this disinfectant being a gel spray. To me it cannot be easily consumed because sprays can somehow deceive or help in dispersing the amount of antiseptic in order to effectively kill at least 99.9% of disease-causing bacteria. This bottle never leaves my favorite black leather bag. Always present inside, never absent in case I need it most. 

Now let me take you to the alcohol - Ethyl and Isopropyl. I am fond of using alcohols and just like you I also have preferred brands. But it is never too late to consider other brands right? What made me like both of this Doctor J alcohols is its fragrance - not too strong, just light and easy to my nose. Of the two, I think I like the Doctor J Isopropyl Alcohol better since it smells like a cologne to me already that could make me stand out from the rest. So fragrant that I am already addicted to it. By the way both alcohol has moisturizer so it promises to be nice on our skin and will never make it dry. 

I usually use sunblock during summer when heat is so intense and sun will always be there to scorch your skin and will definitely bring a lot of damage on your skin cells. Better protect them than never! One of Kohl's newest product is this suncblock called SunProtec. With the name itself the purpose is already given - a sunblock spray for face and body. What  made it unique is its high SPF of 70 at a very affordable price for a 60ml bottle. Like any other sunblock lotion or spray, it is hypoallergenic, unscented, waterproof and sweat proof. This bottle is just another addition to my sunblock sun protection, maybe even better than what I currently have.  

Just a piece of advice as a person who has some background in medical field, hand sanitizing alone cannot kill harmful levels of bacteria, washing hands with soap plus applying hand sanitizer is the best way to
achieve hygienic hands.

I would like to give a rating of 4.5 over 5! Kohl products are almost perfect to me. Mind you, it is a Filipino company giving only the best Pinoy-made retail brands, helping other Filipinos to help themselves. I might host some giveaway of Kohl products in the future to inspire you more of using them. I really would love to infect your hand caring habit by using their disinfectants. 

Are you KOHL with that?