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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

3D Curriculum for ETON International School

About a week ago I was invited to a one-of-a-kind learning experience which will be utilized by ETON International School come June of this year, in time to open the school year.  This is one of its definitive ways to improve teaching and learning for their students which is called 3D technology. We were able to meet Ms. Jacqueline Marzan-Tolentino, Ph.D, President/Founder of ETON International here in the Philippines and some of their high-caliber instructors who incessantly engage with us for us to have a brief yet concise experience of the technology they have just acquired through Microdata Systems. It was just unimaginable that three-dimensional materials which are primarily used in doing special effects in most of the movies we watch nowadays will be incorporated as a medium in teaching. We are speaking high-tech and we have just experienced it. 

Here at the audio-visual room, along with my co-bloggers Ms. Joy and Mr. Vince, we were able to experience the state-of-the-art 3D technology that has been marveling us that morning. We expect it to be something really incredible that we wish all schools in the Philippines be equipped with this kind of technology. However, Eton International School will be the very first school in the country to use the laudable e-learning software called Eureka. The term or exclamation attributed to Archimedes, who is said to have cried out "Eureka! eureka!" which means I have found it! I have found it!. Perhaps Microsystems Data has found the cure for improving our education in the Philippines. As a matter of fact the said 3D software is an essential part of Eton's K-12 education particularly in the fields of Science and Mathin which it covers over 1000 topics of 3D simulations and videos in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and in different areas of Math. With this kind of climate, surely all the students will never stop learning. 

Ms. Joei Perilla, e-learning head of the Product Presentation Group of Microdata Systems and Management Inc, as she demonstrates before us the the use of mimio board as an interactive tool  that engages  students and allows teachers to simply teach. Given this tool along with a cat-eye 3D glasses, learning can be more fun and exciting. Hence, learning is made simple by the influx of technology although the school still uses some of the traditional way of teaching techniques, a mix of this and that to contribute to a student's bright learning. 

   Ms. Joy having her first-hand experience of the mimio board. Each one of us were
 given the chance to actually feel this technology. It was indeed memorable and  
                  brought depth to our learning. Simply superb.    
Mimio Board
A teacher's tool in teaching.
A pair of 3D eyeglasses
Student's tool in learning. The power button placed at the left side of the glasses. blinks when it is powered ON. So cool to have these shades on. Even much more cooler when kids of Eton and six children under the care of Childsville Center, who belong to the first batch of Eton Scholars promises them significant improvement in their learning which is equally good as those belonging to the affluent families. 


Sharing you here a video I grabbed from YouTube regarding the launching of the 1st  3D school in the Philippines. Kindly watch and learn. Be informed. 

Benefits of 3D classroom (as quoted from the press release) are the following:
1. Promising and generating a significant improvement in comprehension and retention over the more traditional non-3D style of presentation
2. Brings fun and excitement to learning
3. Lessons are captivating and engaging
4. Many abstracts became tabgible for students
5. 3D improves grades and cultivates mastery of lessons
6. Shortened period of teaching. A research study shows that the usual three periods was taught in one period, and a 35% increase in test scores.

Moreover, this is yet another tool in teaching which was briefly demonstrated to us after having a wow experience of the infusion of 3D as a teaching style and technique. It seems like a huge iPad which is equally engaging and fun to use.

I had a great day that afternoon and I will certainly spread the word on how this 3D technology in classroom WOWed me. ^_^ I wish to see more of Eton International School breaking the records in  teaching strategy in the future.