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Saturday, May 05, 2012

NAIL STATION At Your Service

We were caught in a heavy downpour but my blogger friend (Ness) and I still pursue our pre-planned foot spa day after attending an event at one of the restaurants along Scout Tuazon in Quezon City. We have no specific idea as to what  spa place to relax and unwind ourselves as our tired soles badly needed one. Not until we discovered this place called Nail Station just in front of the events place we have been to. Exciting! We really did not expect it to be just right under our nose.

We checked out the place and the price of course and to our surprise it is so chic and comfortable-looking and boy extremely affordable. I was having doubts if their offers are of good quality so we better experience it right then and there  and decide from there. It is just the place and its packages is so good to be true. One blogger, Ms. Janice,  insisted to accompany us  on our spa date that time and we never declined  her request.

Take a peek at this place and I can feel that you will visit this place too after reading my post. Mind you it is more that just the superficial beauty that this place can offer. 
 Vibrant colors of yellow and pink occupied the spa place. I can feel the energy. I need a spa break and we just hit the right place. Just what we needed! However, the entire room can only occupy 10-12 heads so n my opinion it is better do the reservation to avoid crowding. It is not required though but highly suggested.

Branded nail polish and nail accessories are so alluring. 

Clean and comfortable spa experience.

 All imported products with no additional charge on polishes. Great!

Massage room. 

 Nail Art anyone? Considered a fad nowadays these designs will surely
make you go gaga over the various styles, colors and of course
the joy it will bring to you.  I am so fickle-minded as to what to choose
over the wide spread of these nail arts. 

Nail Station uses only branded  nail polish to suit and even exceed their 
customer's need. How about ORLY lacquers and nail polish? Choose from different shades 
that come together in a color combination that is so dramatic. Hence, this nail station 
is not after our hard-earned money but rather they are giving us the professional
nail care that each and every one of us deserves. Right ladies?

    Still some more choices. This is so time-consuming but the effort in choosing which shade was worth it.
At the end of the day, what is important is that I am so happy and fab with my brand new set of colored nails! ^_^

 Prettify your nails now here at Nail Station!
 The hospitable staff that made our day extra special. a combination of both pioneers and newbies. See you again!

Nail Station is having an on-going promo that will run until August 31, 2012. My friends and I availed of it and I am doing a separate review about it. Stay tuned! 
It is called Price Markdown...Sa Tag-Araw at Tag-Ulan. To name a few here are their services and rates: Basic Services, Eyelashes, Nail Extension, Soak Off Gel (includes cleaning), Nail Art, Paraffin, Back Scrub, Special Scrubs, Italian/ Mandarin Wax and Massage. Birthday and Bridal Packages are available as well. Check this price list and be informed. Tell me what you have in mind :)

Scout Tuason Street (near Roces Avenue)
Quezon City
0928-9001592/ 0915-8778816