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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

ETON International School: The School of the Future

It was my very first time to set foot at this popular international school situated in the bustling city of Manila yet located in a quiet, well-established residential and commercial area in Vasquez St. Malate Manila. I am just honored to be able to introduce to their superb facilities that will help mold each and every student in all aspects, from spiritual, cultural, academic and athlethic. Hence, will definitely make every parent proud of the product of this school. It is but proper to call this place a Home of Asia's Topnotchers!

ETON International School serves both the local and expatriate communities in Manila, Philippines.

I am in my mid-twenties and I will consider this renowned home the best school for my kids in the future. 

A tour around the campus made me realize that this kind of environment  enhances every child’s learning capabilities. So it is about time for you to see what is in store for you at the four corners of this building. Matter-of-factly, there is more to it than that. I think I should start touring you now...

ETON International School was founded in 2004 with global affiliations with International Learning Styles Network, ASCD, NEAYC. Also with global membership in 11 countries and 100 schools worldwide. As of press time it has over a hundred students already housed in a 1700square meters with four buildings. It has a newly-launched school in  in Quezon City at Heroes Hills. 

 At ETON, they make every child a success story. 
Aside from the enrichment programs that this school provides, there is also Preschool, Grade School and Middle School. 

 Vision: We are the number one educator in Asia that makes international education accessible to all. 
Mission: We are builders of people. We create life changing schools to serve children worldwide.
Values: Big faith in self. Big faith in others. Big faith in family. Big faith in Supreme being.

Universal Design in Learning
This is what ETON uses as an international curriculum that allows children to have equal access and opportunities to learn and thrive in the 21st century. It is more than a good news for our society isn't it?  As it will produce more and more highly marketable graduates. How I wish each and every Filipino afford to send their little sons and daughters to this school. Moreover, a successful learning environment at ETON supports and challenges students in developing their multiple intelligence while minimizing their barriers through the use of learning styles.

 Facilities is just more than enough. They really have more than what you expect and learning these things made me more excited that the product of this school is not far from becoming our future leaders. It has 17 learning centers for the development of their visual, verbal, logical, natural, interpersonal, musical, and bodily kinesthetic intelligence. The campus is well-equipped with the following: 

 Swimming pool

 Play area and basketball court

 Science Room


Music Room

 Art Room

 Lounge Area

Not to mention, it also has mini-theater, interfaith room, library, bookstore and 32 CCTV Security cameras.
Each room is equipped with smart board, LCD and security cameras. Furthermore, this coming schoolyear we should be looking forward to a brand new and exciting quality new way in learning as Eton is being tagged as the very first 3D school in the country. See my next post about this next big thing in learning. No wonder this place has so many accelerated students in US, Malaysia and here in our country.

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