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Thursday, May 31, 2012

What's COOL with KOHL?

How frequent do you sanitize your hands? How rare do you use sunblock to protect your skin from burning?   Do you use disinfectant? How about whitening mouthwash? 

If you answered YES to any of my above mentioned questions, then I believe it is but proper to introduce to you one of the promising  household product named KOHL. Maybe you have heard about this brand, maybe not. In my case I've encountered  some of them in supermarkets and hospitals too. Hence, it is considered as one of the leading manufacturing companies  producing household and industrial products locally.  Get to know them one by one. . .

Doctor J Rubbing Alcohol. Does it ring a bell? Yes it was a long time ago endorsed by a basketball superstar Jaworski. And it goes without saying that Kohl has been with us since then but since during the early years of 2000 this alcohol is under a new and much improved formulation and packaging.

Bactigel Hand Sanitizer has the HIGHEST alcohol content in locally produced sanitizers, containing 68% ethyl alcohol that is able to kill harmful bacteria and germs on hands without harming your hands. It is used in hospitals by doctors and nurses before clinical operations. I believe this is quite familiar to you too. Moreover, it is also now available for people outside hospitals in small bottles with rubber holders. Hence, everybody was given access to its sanitizing power.

SunProtec Sunblock is one of Kohl Industries’ newest products to offer Filipinos a very affordable sunblock with high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) that can help protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. If you are fond of applying this type of lotion, they you could probably give this a try. Available in Mercury Drugstores, Shopwise and Rustans

Puremist is also a hand sanitizer only that it is in liquid form. Proud to have high-alcohol 
content suitable for you and me who simply want their hand sanitizers to be sprayed on their hands. Puremist is available in different variants such as Floral Paradise, Crisp Apple Bite and Frost Berry.

Orasil, on the other hand is not just your ordinary mouthwash as it is innovative. Why? Because it utilizes stabilized hydrogen peroxide andxylitol, as substitutes for possibly harmful ingredients that are commonly used in other formulas. Proven to be beneficial, these two ingredients effectively whitens teeth and keeps breath fresh throughout the day. Orasil does not mask breath with artificial flavorings, rather, it directly kills the germs that cause it, without having to drop the pH level of the mouth like other alcohol-based mouthwash. I actually like this one and proven to be effective.

Puregel Hand Sanitizer is approved by  FDA (Food and Drug Administration) with high ethyl alcohol content (68%) available for retail in six amazing varieties to suit different personalities. Also, it has nice-looking rubber holders that is vogue nowadays to match one's fashion and style. I am sure you have this one already hung in your bags. It has fruity scents which I am all after. They are:  Crisp Apple Bite,  Floral Paradise, Frost Berry,  Lemon Meringue,  Raspberry and Spring Breeze.

Bactigel and Puregel are available for retail at the following stores: SM Supermarket, Mercury, Robinsons, Shopwise, Rustans, National Bookstore, Pandayan, Dress for Less, South Star Drug, Unimart, Makati Supermakret, Alturas, Finds, Waltermart, CMart, Robinsons Department Store, Office Warehouse, Pioneer Centre, Eunilane, Kwik B, Office 1, AFPCES, JC Plaza, Unisave, JS Smart Choice, GL Del Monte, Budgetlane, Bora Budget Mart, Centerlane, PK & Sons, Merriam Bookstore.
Kohl’s objective to provide consumers with low priced but high quality cleaning agents that would deliver the best value for their money. Let's see how truthful is that when I share to you my thoughts and insights.

Ms. Nina Atilano, Sales and Marketing in- charge, as she explains
to us Kohl's brief history and retail brands.

Bloggers of different niches all ears to Ms. Nina. A question and answer portion followed which everyone curiously and excitedly participated. 

Stay tuned as I reveal to you with all honesty how I find all the Kohl products which were given to each one us to personally use in or out of our homes. I actually used most of them already after a week of trying and testing them, so I'll be reviewing it in a short while. I am just happy to be one who of those few who could exclusively try their items and review about it with no sugar coating. That is so cool of you KOHL

To get to know more of their products try visiting their various sites as I've indicated below.

Official Site