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Thursday, May 03, 2012

MIKE CHAN Launches New Album at Tiendesitas

I was at Tiendesitas, Pasig City with some bloggers  the other night (April 28) to witness the chinese rock balladeer, Mike Chan who launched his self-titled second full length solo album under Heroes Records and Star Records. The place as usual was jampacked with happy people sharing the good music on a chillaxing Saturday night atmosphere, a considered gimmick time for many of us.

Just so you guys know,  Dragona, which is a prequel to his current album reached number 4 on local sales chart. That goes to show how remarkable his talent is.The rocker believes that this album could be his breakthrough work as a solo artist, and he credits his strong love for learning and making music as his source of inspiration for this album. He has been in the local music scene for the past four years now. I may not know him and his songs that much but at least going to his album launch made me more educated how his passion for making music is so alive and burning. He is so approachable and very humble. Someone that somebody or most of us must emulate no matter how successful we have become. I want to see more of his gigs in the future. I might catch him somewhere else during his album tour. Who knows. 

These colorful and catchy lanterns always made me smile whenever I am in an open area of Tiendesitas  filled with beautiful people on a gimmick night drinking beers, eating pulutan and merely enjoying the environment around me. Oh I missed those days when me and my close friends would simply dine in here and just kill time while listening to performers for the night. These lighted lanterns made my night extra wonderful as well  as I watch Mike Chan and some of the skilled performers who entertained us well.

Mike Chan. A down to earth rock balladeer. Autograph signing and picture taking for those 
who bought his album.

"In many ways I actually think of this as my first solo album." Says Mike, "This is the first time I've actually produced, written, co-wrote and/or personally had a hand in every song that went into the album. It took me a long time to get to this point and the journey getting here has been long and difficult most times. The funny thing is though...I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!"

"This is not just about the songs in the disc. It;s about the passion and determination that went into the making and the production of these songs. It's about believing in yourself and knowing that you are responsible for your own success or failure in life. t's about creating your own luck and never giving up."
"Success in the music industry is not something you can purchase or guarantee thru family connections." 
 This man performed excellently I must say. He had the crowd that night not just with 
his colorful rendition of songs but his sense of humor too.

Congrats to Ms. Myrns for winning the well-designed guitar that evening.
 She so deserved it as she is truly a music person. Glad for you madam! ^_^ 
It was more than just luck. Cheers! Other one form the media got the MyPhone cellphone. Congrats! 

Catch Mike Chan at Tiendesitas every Tuesdays until June, and at various SM Supermalls starting May 7 for his album promo tour. Mike Chan the Album is presented by My Phone, DJM Music, Shimmian Surgicenter Manila, Eventus Advertising, Game Club and Epipes.