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Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Manila Ocean Park E-Wrist Tag

Those who have attended the recently joyous celebration of Aqua Pool Party at the Manila Ocean Park probably knew about this E-wrist tag! Included in the coolest event two days before April officially ended are the launching of the Manila Ocean Park free wifi access and Radio Frequency Identification, a first here in the country. I felt so privileged to be among the first ones to experience such technology. Here's how it works.

Belittle me not as I am not just your ordinary baller. I am too high tech to be called as such :)
At the  Concourse you will find a selling area for E-Wrist Band which will 
cost you PhP100. It is up to you if you want to keep it as a souvenir or
return it later and collect the deposited amount.

Proceed to the E-wrist Tag activation booth to register your Facebook/ Twitter username and password using an RFID reader/writer. These information will then be stored in the chip on the E-wrist tag. Weee thing s around this park is becoming more and more high tech. I like!Moreover, register too your name, email, address, gender and  mobile phone number. 

I advice you never to misplace this stub in order for you to have something to present at the claiming area should you decided to return it and collect the deposited amount. Otherwise, you are left with no choice but to take it as a souvenir which is not that bad at all.

(L-R) Win, yours truly and Ness having a great time wearing such a technology that can make difference in  social media and information sharing. That day as we enjoy the company of all bloggers, sponsors and the likes, we had actually used our E-wrist tag by tapping it on the "Like" booths situated in various Manila Ocean Park attractions. Expect to hear a long beeping sound while the tag is being scanned. With that we got instant status update on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. How cool!!!!

Photo Courtesy of Manila Ocean Park
This is the coolest! A MOP staff approached us holding a camera phone which he used to take two nice shots of the three of us. I saw him roaming around and invited guests to strike a pose for a photo shoot.After which, we were asked to tap our E-wrist tag on the camera phone and right then and there we got instant upload in our social networking websites. Example status is .."I'm here at Liquid for AQUA - dancing to the coolest sounds! Come over here at Manila Ocean Park! We'll be here till dawn".

It is like promoting Manila Ocean Park too in a techy yet speedy way! Experience too what we have just experienced and be popular among your friends. Sharing this kind of  technology won't hurt.