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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tang Galing Mo Kid Awarding Ceremony

The stage that gave me the vibe of greatness.
Three long days before the event, it was a pleasant surprise that I received an invitation for a Tang Galing Mo Kid awarding ceremony. I was fully aware that Tang which happens to be a Kraft Foods product that I learned to drink at a young age was having a nationwide search conducted last year that aims to recognize young achievers from seven to twelve years old. These children must have positive attitudes and traits that are remarkable and worth-emulating which I am sure hundreds of children were nominated.  As I entered the Centennial Hall of the Manila Hotel, I was reminded of my post-college years some five years ago particularly the Oath Taking Ceremony for passing the  Nutrition-Dietetics licensure exam.  This time around it is a different kind of ceremony, not something about my career but we are talking here advocacy, omething that I am inclined to support as I mature and years go by.

As I roam around the hall while the ceremony has not officially started, I willingly study the portraits with brief compelling story of the seven lucky Tang Galing Kids. You may see and learn more about them  here. By great chance, I happily met this teacher and social worker, moreover, a founder of the Dynamic Teen Company and CNN Hero for the year 2009, Mr. Efren Peñaflorida Jr.

How and when did Tang, a popular powdered juice drink, came up with this advocacy? As a matter of fact, Tang launched a Search for Tang Galing Kids to encourage children even of very young age to be more involved in their respective communities. Open to all kids no matter what color, gender and status in life he/she may be because Tang purely believes that kids could shape the future of the community we live in  and their innocence is no way underestimated. Members of different organizations can  nominate as many kids as theywant provided that each member nominates not more than one kid. Official nomination forms were e-mailed to 5thP Advertising at 55D Matahimik St, Teacher’s Village, West Diliman Quezon City or sent via email through tanggalingkids@gmail.com with the subject Tang Galing Nomination Form. Submission of entries was until January 18 of this year and on the same day submitted entries were judged according to their one-pager story that is so inspiring and worth-following for. Thus, seven winners was chosen as Tang Galing Kids.

 Sharing you here are some photos during the event....

Attendees were treated to nice singing voices of these gifted young and adult group. It was nice to start the day with their heavenly voices reverberated throughout the hall.

Alex Dan Tacderas, Category Marketing Manager for Beverages, giving his thoughts of the advocacy that can change the community more.

Michelle dela Cruz, Brand Manager of Tang, inviting each of  the Tang Galing Kid with their proud parents and chosen organization to come to the stage to be awarded with flying colors.

Each Tang Galing Kid received a cash prize which they can use to implement a project of their choice which I came to know by viewing their individual portraits at the back of the hall. The winning kids and their nominating organizations  each garnered a Php100,000.00 cash prize. With proper spending and pure heart, this monetary support will tantamount to even more blessings meant to be shared in their respective communities. 

Cheers Tang Galing Kids. Cheers!

Bring forth great change kids! Let's toast to that!

The event ended with a heartfelt song entitled Ako ay Isang Batang Bayani.
A song that is filled with emotion and motivation for kids even at their very young age to pursue great things in life in order to have something to share with their community.

As what our national hero quoted, 
The YOUTH is the hope of our FUTURE!

So Tang Galing Kids all the BEST to you all. Tang Galing Mo!