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Monday, May 21, 2012

YSA Skin Care Center: IPL Hair Removal Treatment

YSA SKIN CARE CENTER is one of the pioneers in skin care and body care here in the Philippines. I can still recall how a female cousin of mine introduced this brand to me when I am in my pimple-infested face during my high school days. Yes I used some of YSA's skin care products back then particularly the papaya soap which I have always believe to be the most effective soap in my generation because of its natural properties that brought skin lightening effects to majority of its users.  I am just happy to have experienced one of their services lately that resolved my problem with unwanted hairs. I am pretty sure ladies of my age do experience the common plight which could either be hair growth problems in face and different parts of the body. Count me in for those who would love to reduce if not totally eradicate stubborn hair growth. YSA as I highly expected addressed my pressing problem of course. Let me share you my experience.

I entered this room where IPL is normally conducted. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. Thus, the treatment I had concerning my mustache was basically a light based treatment and  obviously not a true laser was used. The technology is similar to laser and uses a specific light filters wherein energy of intense pulse light can be focused on a specific skin target. In my case it was in the upper lips. I never ever shaved nor subjected my mustache to threading, I was just no so comfortable with the idea. Hence, I let my mustache as is even if I experienced teasing becasue of its presence most of the time. But when I learned about the IPL treatment which has been present for what seem decades already and that I was rightfully informed of it is safest, fastest and most effective way to treat unwanted hairs, I did not hesitate to try it at long last. I am confident with the skin care specialist I've talked too. Well I have no choice but to believe in her expertise. Glad I did. 

 IPL Machine
Ideally, my facial hair problem would be impossible to address without the aid of this high-tech machine. It promises permanent hair reduction and not absolute permanent hair removal. Using this machine means a non-invasive way to improve the appearance of my unwanted dark mustache hair. 

Allow me to share with you my brief yet truly satisfying treatment. Mind you I used my iPAD alone to at least help me document about this in-thing - the IPL Treatment for my upper lip. 
Here's how it works: 

As I lay down on the bed, the skin care technician covered both my eyes with the cloth making sure that I cannot see a thing. That in a way produced a problem in my documenting process by means of taking snap shots. What I did was I guessingly click the shutter button of my tablet set on a camera mode. I assume everything that went with the procedure. Good thing that the technician welcomed my weird idea of documenting the steps of IPL treatment  ^_^
To my surprise, my upper lip was shaved. A thing I never ever did. It just so happen that shaving is entirely needed in the procedure so there's no reason not to give it a go signal.
And a slightly big chuck of ice applied on my upper lip skin to form numbness before an IPL gun
kissed it twice. One to the left and the other on the right side. 
Before and After
Wow! My upper lip hair removed in an instant to a very significant degree. Impressive!

The whole treatment took around 3-5 minutes to finish. Well that fast really. I myself was amazed with the fast and reliable procedure and as what I've said impressive results. There was not a slight pain during the procedure except for the slight pinches which surprised me a bit that actually happened two times. My upper lip turned a little pinkish but no bruising nor soring experienced. A quick-fix with no downtime. Now is actually the fifth day after the treatment yet no visible hair growth yet. My upper lip skin still feels so smooth and hair-free.  As per YSA skin care advisor's direction it is better to repeat the treatment after 21 days to make sure that hair becomes thinner and thinner until it is not entirely visible at all. 

IPL Hair Removal Treatment is worth PhP 5000. Right now, their branch in Robinsons Metro Wast where I had my treatment has an ongoing promo of 1+1 as part of their local store marketing strategy. Therefore, when you pay for a treatment you may go back some other time to avail the same treatment again. So it is a buy 1 take 1 kind of promotion.

With too many options to cure and remove the female mustache for life, now is the time to stop fighting it each day of your life. I mean you need not to do the same process all over again as IPL is the best solution that I know as of now. Ask your dermatologist about it or you might want to consult with YSA Skin Care clinic's in-house dermatologist to know more. 

Mission accomplished because at YSA they make people beautiful, happy, and confident and with them, nobody loves you better!

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