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Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Although I am not that artful I am always fascinated when it comes to arts particularly with paintings. I do not know how to paint but I really do appreciate the mixture of colors and the meaning it creates in every stroke. So while me and Ms. Joy of Gastronomy by Joy are still waiting for some of the invited guests and bloggers to arrive for the ETON 3D viewing for Bloggers, I cannot help but take some snap shots of  a few of the campus' tastefully-made paintings made none other than their talented students. I did this in a discreet manner and these only show that masterpieces (as shown below) spell a lot in terms of how this international school broadens students' horizons with the kind of  curriculum they have and the caliber of teachers they employ. 

There's MORE FUN in ART.

At a very young age they could produce as wonderful framed artworks like these. What more when they possess their bachelor's degree already? Just imagine. Eton International School actually has this one nook called  Student's Artwork Corner to display various form of art that is so carefree and humble in my opinion. I want to meet the kids behind these art works soon, well maybe on my next visit. They are so lucky to be able to showcase their craft and skill at such an early stage. Bravo!