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Sunday, May 06, 2012

LIQUID POOL BAR & LOUNGE at Manila Ocean Park

Groovin' the night away at the pool area while swimming and chatting over with blogger friends are just some of the refreshing way to beat the heat wave that evening. During the event we saw the pumped-up performance from some of the top local bands like Silent Sanctuary, Tanya Markova, Moonstar 88 and others. Cheers! While some preferred to enjoy the pulsating beat at the dance floor area some others swim and swim the night away and are having a fantastic time with the group of friends. 

Here's how the Liquid Pool Bar and Lounge looks like....

I really can smell partying here!
and of course swimming too! Isn't it the pool water is so inviting?  ^_^
 Have some refreshing drinks here at the bar. Bottomless or not it is all up to you :)

 Bean bags are very much available which you can shift from one position 
to another. Be bum or get active, it is your call. A relaxation time that 
will also open doors for you to interact with the people you wish to 
share your ideas and excitement with. Lounge around and smile!

Graceful? Groovy? Dance or disco all you want. Be free as the lounge lights possess
 you to do more crazy little things at the summer pool party. Live. Love. Laugh.

Liquid Pool Bar and Lounge is one of the tenants of Manila Ocean Park located at the Sunset Quay ground floor area. You can enjoy the place as the sun sets at 5PM onwards. However, swimming at the bay area's swimming pool can only be done starting 8:00AM until 5:00PM daily. That goes to show that you can swim all day long provided you know the rules. Have fun all year round here at the Liquid Pool Bar and Lounge!

Manila Ocean Park
Luneta, Manila
(632) 5677777/ (632) 567  2309
Website: manilaoceanpark.com