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Saturday, May 19, 2012

LOCO DONUT: My Create-Your-Own GoNuts Donuts

Photo courtesy of GoNuts Donuts
Hello! I am so proud to share with you guys that I am one of Top 10 finalists for Create Your Own Donut Contest spearheaded by GoNuts Donuts, more than just great donuts. You might wonder how was I able to make it to the top 10. It was actually so easy. Last May 2 GoNuts Donuts had a fantastic DONUT Talk Bloggers event held at their branch in Mall of Asia. Those who were able to standby for a while after the event and wait to line up for their dressed up quality donuts were the handful few who actually made it to the top 10 list.  I am so grateful upon learning such an exciting idea. What is so exciting about it is the fact  that the chosen creation will be a part of product line of Go Nuts Donuts. So last week they've created a poll at their fanpage to vote for your donut of choice. Naturally, it got me excited making me spread the word in just a nick of time hoping to win this fab contest. I linked, shared, spammed and told my friends about it. Thanks for those who voted for me. By the way I did not win but I value all your support. It was worth the fun and excitement.

Sprinkles and topping to dress up your donut!
During the event we were given a lengthwise sheet of white paper to help us in creating our own donut. Creative juices were very much released by every blogger who joined. We were given the opportunity to choose which among the two types of donuts to use - LOOPS or SUFFITS. Afterwhich, it is all up to us to select which color and flavor, crazy drizzle and styles to dress up our donuts. Not to mention, give a name for our creation. 
My Loco Donut during the primary stage of coloring and flavoring it up.
Tadaaaaaa!!!!!! So ready for pictorial
Described as loops donut glazed with blue frost. Drizzled with yellow frost and topped with red rosette and leaf candies. Isn't my donut cute and irresistible?
Why I named it as such? Simply because I cannot get the best name for my donut and I felt rushed to create a name for her. Since I know for a fact that GoNuts Donuts are insanely delicious I named it LOCO because I want it to be as insanely delicious as the current donut lines they have.  

Sweet Pink Perfection by my co-blogger Camille Flores
This won the contest. She deserves to win. So feminine because of the color and rosettes. 
Described as stuffits donut filled with strawberry jam and glazed with Pink Frost swirled with White Frost. Topped with Pink Rose and Leaf Candies at the middle. Gotta see your creation in GoNuts Donuts stores for how many weeks :)

 Yup! We get to take home of course the result of our creativity! 
For more pictures of the Top 10 Finalists for Create Your Own Donut Contest check it out here.