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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Last May 19, I am among the lucky ones who have just attended and gratefully enjoyed the first ever FILIPINO BLOGGERS HUB Acquaintance Party. It happened right at the very accessible place to me, the Central Colleges of the Philippines,  the very college next to where I graduated in highscool, my Alma Matter, Immaculate Heart of Mary College. Going there was a snap as I've known these two schools since I was in my teen years but it was just my second time to be able to see my neighboring school. Really. I enjoyed every minute of the get together and I considered it a witty idea to come up with because ultimately Filipino bloggers in the metro were formally introduced (at last) though not all were present. It was a simple yet unforgettable party for a blogger like me who has just joined the blogosphere five months ago. Allow me to share with you about the simple gathering through these pictures...

 After all the bloggers in the studio theater concertedly sung the National Anthem, these two ladies named Eunice and Persis sung a prayer song with great faith. 

One of the sponsors of the event named Ms. Sara Brillantes  talked about Human Nature products about being a PRO-PHILLIPINES, PRO-POOR, PRO-ENVIRONMENT and now a  PRO-ANIMAL social enterprise. We learned big things about their company and its corporate social responsibility. I am actually considering to be one of their dealers because I get hooked in their products and campaign.

 And there was a forum too wherein blogging issues and tips were shared to newbies and professional bloggers alike. I was really all ears with them all. I learned a lot hearing from these people and blogger friends 'in the know'. (From left to right): Mark Joseph Delgado, Jonel Uy, Jhong Medina, Sire Gonzales Arevalo, Jinkee Umali and Martin Romualdez.

These red velvet cupcakes were offered while the forum is on going. Liked this MedChef's creation. Great snacking experience while earnestly listening to all guest panelists. Strictly one cupcake per blogger only!

And as usual all queries were entertained. It was a lengthy forum but indeed an educational one.

A lot of loot bags were raffled off and I one of the lucky attendees! It made my day. I took home 2012 Figaro Planner (another addition to my collection), a Green Cross notepad, a calendar and a very useful round nylon folding Figaro fan. What a day!

To all the people behind this successful event, thanks for inviting me. Had a blast. More to come blogger friends! 

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