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Saturday, February 18, 2012

BONCHON Chicken Philippines: Meet the SECRET CHICKEN

BON CHON is slowly captivating the hearts of Pinoys thus, it has a big possibility that this Korean fast-food chain could be the next big thing in chicken business among the QSRs in the country! Agree or disagree?!...  Ever since me and my gastronomic partner experienced eating here I always notice one new branch of Bon Chon after another. I saw their outlets in Greenhills Promenade one day,  then in Robinson's Galleria, Ayala Triangle Gardens, Mall of Asia and just recently in Il Terrazo Building in Quezon City. See they are like plants that easily grow, sprouting everywhere. Madlang pipol embraced it easily. So what's with their chicken huh?!  Whenever we eat out and not craving for anything. everything or anything that we first noticed will always work for me. I am this spontaneous and adventurous and so he is. 
Queuing is not that easy. Expect it to be always long lines and peak as if there is always a commotion going  Just like what we experienced that afternoon in their branch at SM Megamall. Grabe! is all I can say. It took me almost 15 minutes to line up but that is fine with me as I kept myself busy observing the place while my partner in crime is on a lookout for our seats. There were three POS (Point of Sale System) machine opened that time. Plenty enough to cater its hungry guests. Crew members did their best to accommodate its customers and that's good to notice as people will keep on coming back here not only of the food they serve but with the quality of service as well. Hope that won't change given that this restaurant is still newbie.
 Here are some of my shots with their dining area and interior. I told you I am busy...busy too of snapping some photos ^_^

People are getting thicker every minute. They are called lunch crowds. Good thing we are happily seated near the entrance. The place looks small but is still crowded with all too many seats and tables. Hopefully someday they will expand even if some square meters more to accommodate and maximize the crowd.

From our vantage point or from where we are seated we can easily say that Bon Chon is good in maximizing their lot area as in every square meter was put into good use. Tables and chairs are arranged in a manner that there were on my a few inches leeway to set them apart. They've got no choice but to supply the demand. That is economics right? Maybe expanding will help address the issue that is why we didn't even bother to wonder that outside seating is being implemented too. 

Tables were made of hard stone which I think is granite. On the other hand, chairs are made of metals. Both are sturdy materials to start with. It goes to show that the person behind this resto wanted his possession to  stay for a longer period of time. That is now frugality! 
Chiller beside the counter station
You may actually get one that you think has the capacity to quench your thirst. It could be a bottled water, some juices which I think I once saw in 7 Eleven convenience store, or even a beer! Yes they are selling some liquors too.
The wall that is uniquely hand painted depicting that Bon Chon will become a household name and not far from being a popular dining destination. Their walls are made up of wooden material making it more natural and beautiful to anybody's perspective.

This metallic and heavy pending number 8 must be a lucky number for us.
Php28 for a 12-oz cup and Php45 for a 22oz cup. We decided to order for a smaller cup for a cheaper value. I need to concentrate more on the dish than beverages.

                                                       BULGOGI RICE BOX (P145) 
Bon Chon is not all about fried chicken. Of course they are selling other Korean specialty such as this. It cooked well because of the fine soft and chewable beef strips. Cooking method was followed because the overall mouthfeel of the dish is not tough. Although it seemed like lacking in portion size at least the taste matter most. My buddy have actually ordered for an extra rice because of its flavorful preparation
                                                            FISH RICE BOX (P145)
As you can see the rice box consisted of three pieces of soft and tasty fish fillet served with spicy mayonnaise. It was delivered on our table hot and on the dot. At fist sight it may look like our favorite street food nibblers kikiam but when you started biting, it is awesomely good. I was kinda bitin with the rice as three big pieces overpower the rice portion. Be ready for another round of rice when you order this.

                                                             SPICY MAYONNAISE
I can't finish this 1 oz. plastic cup becasue of too much spice that I cannot bear. I found myself gulping too much red iced tea to compensate for the hot and spicy effect of this dip. Whoa!
Before finally leaving the restaurant I captured this framed adage  hanging securely on dining area's wooden wall. It says about GREAT REASON TO ACTUALLY GET EXCITED ABOUT FAST FOOD AGAIN. I'm sure everybody does including the two of us. This resto is having its time to shine and will be more than alive than it is today.


The food is different from my past Korean dining experience. Remember that not all Korean dishes are spicy. You may request not to make it too spicy and have it adjusted according to your spice preference. All you need is to ask nicely .It was a little bit pricey if you will measure it based on the serving sizes but the Korean taste has its cut above the rest. Authentic South Korean cuisine at its best, hence I am more likely to visit this restaurant more and more in the future.

Upper Ground Level, SM Megamall Bldg. A
EDSA corner Julia Vargas Ave.
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Official Website