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Friday, February 03, 2012

Carol's TEXAN 5

About a year ago it was a part of my plan to treat my beloved mother to a simple  Mother's Day dinner celebration. I promised to use the voucher I purchased from a certain group buying site which became one of  my favorites. I wanted to execute the plan with my siblings but unfortunately it was spoiled a number of times due to their unavailability. The plan was long-overdue so one night I decided not to take my blow-out for too long. So even if my workaholic brothers and father are not around, I told myself that this must materialize on a fine weather to enjoy our dinner. Since during that time is love month and just 4 days after the Valentine's day I believed the well-thought out dinner treat of mine must rollout.
I gathered my uncle, a brother of mine, my mother and a female cousin that night who are not too busy that time and all of them agreed with my plan. We proceeded even if we are incomplete. Thank God that the dinner date transpired at last!

The clutter-free counter area
This is a self-service type of restaurant offering Tex-Mex cuisine. Thus, guests must line up first to pay for their meal and voila everything you ordered will just land on your chosen table in no time. The place offers a relaxed atmosphere. No hustle nor bustle.


Perfect for every man in the family. My uncle's choice out of their varied menu choices. You can see the big slab of meat right?  My mom got jealous when she saw it so I had to  order one for herself apart from the one she originally ordered. Deliciously big! Highly recommended not only because of its potion size but also because of its juiciness and the sauce that goes with it.
I took a bite of this one and I liked the way it was cooked and presented.



The above ala carte dish made our night a tummylicious one. Everything we ordered made us so full on the spot. The roastbeef is tender and the burgersteak is so thick but grilled to perfection. I just wish they add more gravy on the ramekin for a better and full blast plated meal experience. We shared everything that's on our table as we enjoy the perks of having a fast wifi connection and enjoying the ball game that runs unendingly on the televison screen.

 Something to partner our meals. Half of us preferred to gulp a carbonated and sugary drink like MUG Rootbeer, while my mother and I opted to have a fiber-enriched Del Monte Pineapple Juice for a healthier choice.
Enjoying excellent dinner together at a Tex-Mex inspired restaurant.


These are for those people who were not able to join us that night. A hefty serving and two of the best tasting pasta dishes that I have ever tasted yet. So creamy and really delicious even without meat. I didn't really expect it to be so delicious. Really! My brother, father and grandmother ultimately loved these. Carol's Texan never failed me. Thanks a bunch! 

The said restaurant is just within the city where we live in. It is accessible and we didn't have a hard time commuting.
Dishes are delectable which definitely American in style done in Texan way :) Pasta dishes are mouthwatering too. 
So if you want something cozy and great offerings try this place and tell me how you find it. Thanks to Ensogo for helping me discover such a good find resto near us. The 3 vouchers I used that night to pay for our bill made them really full and unbelievably happy. All in all I only cashed out Php600 which normally valued at Php1200. Great savings indeed!

Happy eating folks!

Carol's Texan
2F 713 J. Abad Santos St. cor Wilson St.
Brgy. Little Baguio 
San Juan City